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Yellowstone National Park, USAAll About Travelling
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Yellowstone National Park, USA

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Yellowstone National Park

YellowStone National ParkYellowstone National Park is in the U.S., in Wyoming, but lies in Montana or Idaho. It is the oldest national park and is renowned worldwide for wilderness here and wonders of nature that have been created in this region. Initial results found that there is life in the region and 11,000 years ago, and that says a lot about history and tradition of the Yellowstone.

Yellowstone National Park surface

Yellowstone National Park covers an area of ​​3468.4 km ² and includes several geographic features, lakes, canyons, rivers and mountain ranges. One of the largest lakes that are the height of the United States is here in Yellowstone National Park, Yellowstone Lake is about which is the Yellowstone Caldera, the largest volcano on the continent. Caldera is considered an active volcano, he managed to erupt several times in the last two million years.

YellowStone National Park 1Here in this park are a lot of animal species (mammals, birds, reptiles and fish) are endangered, and pastures and forests contain unique species of plants here, we can not meet anywhere else on Earth . Almost every year, the park experiencing problems caused by fire in 1988 was a big fire in the park when almost one third of the park burned.

Eleven years away after the first unsuccessful attempt to better know the region, FV Hayden decided to start out again in 1871 and as its results have convinced the U.S. government to stop public auction that was put on the site, and in 1972 began construction of this park. Approximately 96% of Yellowstone National Park is in Wyoming, 3% are located in Montana and the remaining 1% is located within Idaho. 5% of this surface is occupied by water, rivers and lakes.

Yellowstone National Park fauna and flora

YellowStone National Park 2Fauna and flora are very rich in this region where there are over 1,700 species of trees and native plants and more than 179 species are considered exotic. The forests here are covered by the eight coniferous species present in the National Park. This region is one of the most populated of animals in all states, there being present 60 species of mammals including bears, mountain lions, wolves, bison, deer, mountain goats and many other species, many of which are threatened with extinction . Here, in Yellowstone National Park, is the largest herd of buffalo, which in 2005 counted 4,900 copies, but by 2008 this number dropped to 3,000.

Yellowstone National Park is one of the most popular national parks in the United States since 1960, annually visited by over two million tourists. Last year in July, reached a record number of visitors, 975,000 visitors have visited the park only this month, the month is considered the most populated in Yellowstone. This month the peak of 3,700 employees work in the park. In the park are a lot of new hotels and camping sites, thus had 2238 rooms. During the year, another 800 employees work occasionally at Yellowstone National Park.

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