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Use your sport as your travel hook - All About TravellingAll About Travelling
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Use your sport as your travel hook

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If you’ve made your way to this site – then obviously you love travel or perhaps you just love thinking about the possibility of travel at some point in the future?



But very often, we just don’t know where to go and why – nor how to decide exactly. This is a particular problem for people intending to travel solo who would like the opportunity to meet like-minded people for some camaraderie.


One great way around this is to choose a sport you love and to let it “decide” for you – within reason of course!


Millions of football fans from around the world did exactly that this summer – following their nation to Brazil. Other people are able to do the same by following the golf tour whether in Europe or America, or maybe a little of both.


Tens of thousands of people also move around the globe following the sunshine with the world tennis ATP tour. Of course, many of these people have some kind of professional involvement with the sport. But this doesn’t happen by chance; many people specifically choose complementary careers around the sports they love specifically because that career affords the possibility of travel. And most (but not all…) sports do tend to follow the fairer seasons around the globe – which appeals to many of us.


The same is true of many other sports including professional cycling, triathlons, motor racing to name just a few.


Travel to gorgeous Australia

Cricket is the perfect excuse to travel to gorgeous Australia


Cricket fans, in particular, are often given a great excuse to travel to the southern hemisphere during the winter months north of the equator. This winter, for example, the “barmy army” of English cricket fans can follow their heroes first to the island paradise of Sri Lanka during November and December – then again to Australia in January. So this gives fans of English cricket the ideal reason to travel – or maybe we should say “excuse”!?


Of course, few people can manage this sort of tour continually – save, perhaps, for well-heeled retirees. But as a one-off, it’s a great ‘hook’ to travel – and you get to meet many other people doing the same thing. For the rest of us, we have to make do with a beer or two in front of the TV, a little bet365 cricket test betting to heighten the excitement a bit and perhaps turning up the heating to pretend we’re there!


Sports - the perfect excuse to visit stunning countries

Sports – the perfect excuse to visit stunning countries


Then there are the more active sports fans among us who can use the pursuit of their sport to participate in. So, for example, Australia and New Zealand are hugely popular with rugby players of both codes, walkers, climbers, adrenaline sports fans – and so many other sports and activities. There’s a wealth of opportunity to pursue all these activities and for travelers from Britain and America, there are no language problems.


Letting your chosen sports shape your travel can be a great way of having fun, meeting like-minded people and seeing parts of the world you might not otherwise travel to.


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