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Travel to Venice, ItalyAll About Travelling
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Travel to Venice, Italy

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Venice is the capital of Italian region Veneto. It is located in northeastern Italy on the Adriatic between the Po and Piave rivers mouths. Undoubtedly, Venice is a city known worldwide for its canals, which flow from a main channel, Channel Mare, Venice divided in half. Venice population is 269,000 inhabitants, according to census 2007.

Venice is a city characterized by a growing dim light and fog winter feature. Its channels, called “sestieri” (as each of the six districts which Venice is divided) and narrow streets of Venice are other characteristic elements, like leaning towers of cement due to unstable buildings supported by poles stuck million in wetlands of small islands that make up the lagoon. Venice is composed of over a hundred islands connected by 150 canals and about 400 bridges. Venice is divided into six districts called “sestieri” Sestiere di San Marco, downtown, Sestiere di Castello di Cannareggio Sestiere (because there was the swamp reeds), Sestiere di Dorsoduro Giudecca island and that includes all the southern part of Venice and Sestiere di San Polo e Santa Croce.

One of the most singular characteristics of Venice are periodic flooding. Last held in December 2008. This occurs especially when combined tide and winds Siroco, producing a phenomenon known as High Water, which produces complete flooding of the city from requiring the implementation of the wooden bridges on the streets so that people can go through Venice. To avoid this important issue is already a project named system named “Mose”, whose ultimate goal is to avoid increasing due to tidal water and thereby preventing the periodic flooding causing High water affecting the city.

If you arrive in Venice, you must try the most popular medium of transport in Venice: Venetian gondola typical. Gondola is the most popular of Venetian craft, which even today is used mainly for tourists, is also used for special occasions such as celebrations, weddings, funerals. Gondolier takes you through small channels scattered throughout the city as a street channels running any type of craft, such as gondolas and “vaporetto”, besides other small boats and private boats. To move from side to side, you can choose to use the “vaporetto” which are a kind of public bus routes covering different inside the lagoon, or you can choose a walk through narrow streets to explore more of Venice. Venice is one of the few cities where there are no cars on the streets, so the only concern is to avoid falling into a canal.

Venice is also famous worldwide for Venetian Carnival. This feast dating from the nineteenth century and is the most popular holiday in Venice. While this tradition dates back to 1800, was established as a holiday since the thirteenth century, attracting aristocrats throughout Europe. After the decline of Venice as a trading power and with the start of massive tourism, Carnival in Venice has become increasingly important. The costumes of the carnival are true works of art with colorful costumes and masks of great elegance and at the same time mysterious.

Venice is famous for his own art and feature that you can contemplate the whole city, especially in the museums and monuments, from Piazza San Marco, Venice heart, where they place the most important events in Venice. Therefore it is called “piazza” (square) and not “campo” (field), like most other markets. Here is the Basilica San Marco, the Ducal Palace and the famous namesake tower in the Gothic style, which was also used as luxury residence, seat of government, courts and prisons of the Republic of Venice.

Bridge of Sighs is one of the most popular attractions in Venice. It was built in order to unite the Ducal Palace with the new prisons. Its name stems from sighs of prisoners passing underneath the bridge while being led to prison, because they saw the sky light and Venice for the last time.

Another well known bridge is the Rialto Bridge, which crosses the Grand Canal of Venice. It is one of the symbols of Venice, and one of the liveliest places.

In Venice there is an important exhibition “Biennale di Venezia”, where every 2 years and exhibit works of visual art is celebrated every year the Venice Film Festival, where he handed the Golden Lion winning film. The Venice festival attracts a lot of personalities, especially artists and famous personalities from all over the world.

During your visit to Venice, it is impossible not to visit the two islands characteristic lagoon: Murano, feature art glass, and Burano, feature colored boxes.

In Venice there is also a famous university, University Ca ‘Foscari di Venezia, where you can study foreign languages like Chinese and other disciplines such as economics.


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