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Travel to Peru, South AmericaAll About Travelling
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Travel to Peru, South America

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Travel to Peru, South America

Peru, the Incas country, awaits a world of adventure and thrill.

Perfectly processed stones of this glorious empire continue to be the main attraction for people around the world. Machu Picchu, the lost city of the Incas discovered centuries after the last mission went Conquistadorilor remains an unsolved mystery for adventurers and scientists. Nazca lines, what are they used? They were the UFO landing or road to sky gods?

You do not need to be drum of history to enjoy the wonders of Peru. In recent years thousands of people have dared to visit the quiet but still virgin Amazon forest in search of cures for diseases throughout the world through the knowledge of shamanic knowledge, keeping secrets can just to help us to invigem incurability.

Jungle of Peru

You have a reasonably comfortable trip to the jungle of Iquitos, from the sea, crossing the Andes and continuing slowly on the road. How Iquitos is not accessible by road, the last two days’ journey will be taken on a boat cruise Amazon. But if you want to quickly get in the jungle, you can get only airline modern Iquitos and Tarapoto linking with daily flights from Lima. Despite the fact that they visit the almost 1.5 million foreigners each year, you can always find a place where you are the main attraction for locals.

On the way to the jungle, Amzon River Basin, some tourists believe that plateau you find there is a good place for her field. Especially since this area tends to have a moisture content slightly lower than the jungle areas of a lower atltitudie. Tarapoto is the most important city in the area, and is a commercial center for the District of San Martin. Not many tourists visit the Tarapoto and surrounding cities, as their number is higher in other parts of Peru, but they are generally treated very well by the locals who welcome the opening of new businesses.

Adventure in Peru

Even if you are not the kind of adventurer, relax. Peru works very much like to become a modern country preparing to face the challenges of the new millennium. Five star hotels, restaurants, nightlife and you will amaze you. So, come to explore the exciting land, rich in history and culture. Now click on one of the options below to get information and tips to make this journey a delightful experience. Hasta la vista, amigos! y Buen Viaje!

The capital city of Peru is Lima. The most important cities in Peru is Lima, Arequipa, Trujillo, Chiclayo, Iquitos, Huancayo, Piura, Chimbote, Cusco, Pucallpa, Tacna, Ica, Juliaca, Sullana, Chincha Alta, Huanuco, Ayacuchu, Cajamarca, Tarapoto, Talara, Tumbes, Peru.

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