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Travel to Marshall islandsAll About Travelling
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Travel to Marshall islands

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Marshall Islands are a nation of atolls and islands scattered and isolated, located between Australia and Hawaii. The islands are a favorite place for diving due to natural coral reefs and rich marine life. At least 160 species of coral around the islands. Many islands have trees and hibiscus flower Plumeria fire colored in different colors. Atolii uninhabited are famous for papaya and coconut plantations, fruit pandanus fruit and bread.

Main attractions

• The first stop on the Marshall Islands should be Ebeye and Majuro.

• The former capital of Jaluit (the name means both “come here” and “beautiful”) boasts some of the best diving facilities and beauty of marine life in the islands.

• The Sunday trips to atolii Maloelap or Mili, where you can dive among wrecks from the Second World War. Marshalls Billfish Club local hotels organize fishing expeditions. The club organizes competitions each month and fishing.

• Museum alleles (“allele” is a traditional basket) preserve local history and cultural traditions of Marshall.


Visiting Marshall Islands you will discover a diverse cuisine with delicacies that reflect the rich cultural heritage of the country. Presents local influences eating habits, Pacific. Traditional delicacies include su pumpkin coconut milk sauce, sliced ​​bread fruit su coconut milk sauce and bananas mixed with coconut. Islands is the main drink coconut milk.

The waters surrounding the islands are an important source of food. Tuna is prepared in a special mo, delicious. Restaurants will offer, in addition to local delicacies, Chinese dishes, Vietnamese, Korean, Indian, Japanese and Western. Some of the most important restaurants are CFC, Chit Chat, Enra Restaurant, Flame Tree, Kitco Restaurant and Deli Formose.


Micronezian people were the first inhabitants of the islands. The islands were explored by the Spanish in the sixteenth century and were named after a British captain in 1788. Germany unsuccessfully tried to colonize the islands in 1885. Japan claimed them in 1914 but after several battles during the Second World War, Americans took the Japanese islands. In 1947, the United Nations have made group of islands, along with Mariana archipelagos and Carolina, in U.S. territory.

Between 1946 and 1958, Bikini and Eniwetok islands off, there were U.S. nuclear tests. Inhabitants of Bikini were moved to another island and there were a total of 23 tests of atomic and hydrogen bombs. Despite treatment attempts, the islands remain uninhabited today because of nuclear contamination. The United States paid $ 183.7 million in damages island in 1983 and in 1999 the government approved a single payment of $ 3.8 million for relocation of the inhabitants of Bikini Island.

United States and Marshall Islands have signed a Treaty of Free Association in 1986, which meant self-government for the islands and the U.S. military and economic aid worth $ 65 million per year. Marshall Islands were included in NATO in September 1991. Kwajalein Atoll is the U.S. military base and place missile defense test since the 1960s.

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