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Travel to CubaAll About Travelling
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Travel to Cuba

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Republic of Cuba, is a state located in northern Central America, located on the largest island of the Antilles, located at the confluence of the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean. In northern countries are the U.S. and Bahamas, west Mexico, the Cayman Islands and Jamaica to the south and southeast Haiti.

Cuba Island is a real attraction for tourists due to famous boulevards, markets in Havana, colonial architecture and cities like Cienfuegos, Trinidad and Pinar del Rio.

Havana is a city because of the many impressive churches famous forts of old, those over 50 museums, the eighteenth and nineteenth century buildings and spectacular at markets everywhere. It is divided into three areas: Central Havana, Havana and Vedado old.

Gran Teatro de La Habana is a part of the Palacio del Centro Gallego complex, located in the city center. It has hosted over the years several famous entertainment today is based Cuban National Opera and Ballet. National Museum of Fine Arts, is divided into two buildings, namely the Palacio del Centro Palacio de Bellas Artes Asturiano and they adapostiind three great collections of art, namely a collection of Cuban art in the seventeenth century until today, a collection dedicated to painting and European sclupturii and a dedicated ancient art, starting from the Egyptian to the Romanian.
Museum of the Revolution, was designed as a presidential palace, offering many details inside the Cuban struggle for independence. Old Havana is part of UNESCO world heritage due to rich historical, cultural and architectural.

Calle Street Office is that most museums are in town, best known as Museo del Antiguo Auto, where cars are exposed ancient Numismatico Museo, where he was exposed to different collections of coins and Museum Casa de los Arabes, where they can be seen from civilization Arabic antiques.

San Cristobal Cathedral, is one of the main attractions of Havana, because it is assumed that there would have housed the remains of Christopher Columbus. The building is impressive neoclassical architecture with baroque elements specific to Cuba.

Vedado, Haven is the third area and modern commercial area of ​​the city, including four major avenues in which are located the most important economic and administrative buildings of Cuba. Here is the Plaza de Revolution, one of the most popular places in Havana, where they held important political and cultural events. In its center is Memorial Jose Martinez, a tower with a height of 109 m from the top of which you can admire the entire city.

Cienfuegos, pirates and corsairs once city, is now part of major cities, being in constant dezvoltare.O substantial fraction of its inhabitants are French so many streets have names in French.

Trinidad is one of the seven villages founded by Spanish conquerors, became then one of the main targets ala pirates. Because of the sugar industry, the city became very prosperous in economic terms.
Cuban cuisine is the result of influences of Spanish, African and Asian rice as main ingredients, beans, yucca, corn, pork and tropical fruits.

Traditional foods are most popular ajaco, meat and vegetable soup, pargo, specialty marine guenguel a desert of corn, sugar and cumin. Drinks are consumed the traditional champola prepared from caramelized sugar and milk, rum, daiquiri, rum mixture of white and dry, lemon juice and sugar.

As the largest island in the Caribbean, Cuba is a place of special beauty, with many valuable cultural artifacts, and some of the most impressive beaches in the world with miles of fine white sand bathed in crystalline waters.

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