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Travel to Cappadocia, TurkeyAll About Travelling
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Travel to Cappadocia, Turkey

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Travel to Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia or Kapadokya – is a geographic area located in Turkey in the Central Anatolian province of Nevşehir, with area of ​​about 800 km2.

The most important cities are Avanos Cappadocia region – famous because of ceramics, Göreme – city with famous rock chimneys, Nevşehir – the capital region and Uçhisar Ortahisar – each with its castle rock, Ürgüp – action center in the region and Zelve Çavusin.

Cappadocia is a popular tourist destination due to the lunar landscape, underground cities, churches, caves and houses carved in rock. This landscape is due to the erosion of thousands of years of rain and wind, which was subject to volcanic tufa – drained lava that formed a thick layer of 150 m. Results strange geological forms are called chimneys. The most spectacular scenery is to Göreme.


Region to visit all you will need 4-5 days. Recently, they put the visitors balloons, overflying the area in summer. Cities south of Göreme and Derinkuyu underground cities are Ürgüp and Kaymakli, very fascinating.

Prehistoric settlements in Cappadocia are Koskhoyuk in Nigde, Aksaray Asikli, Nevşehir Civelek cave and in the southeast, Kultepe, Kanis and Alisar Cappadocia.

With its fantastic scenery, mysterious, strange even, Cappadocia, located in Turkey attracts tourists like a magnet. In the heart of ministers, dominated by Mount Argaeus (Ercizes Dagi – 3916 meters), this land is the lunar aspect, though separated from science fiction movies. Exclusively formed by lava and volcanic ash deposit, then molded to shape the nature of the strangest, most of the Fairy Chimneys named.Their gradual degradation has created one of the most spectacular sights in the world. So-called “baskets sânzienelor are, in fact, some basalt formations shaped by wind and rain which subsequently were transformed into locuinte.Pentru Christians, Cappadocia is the place where lived some of the most important priests and theologians of the Church – St. Basil the Great, Saint Gregory of Nyssa and St. Gregory of Nazianzus. Isolated, Cappadocia has long been a refuge for persecuted Christians by the Roman legions, and between X and XV centuries was a place of solitude for many monks.

Cappadocia is certainly

one of the most extraordinary places on Earth. It covers 129.5 km square in the southeast of Ankara. Soft rock called tuff was eroded, resulting in long strange conical formations, in which local residents have dug over the centuries and living rooms for prayer. Moreover, it is estimated there are over 3,000 in Cappadocia in rock carved churches of which the best known are those of Goreme, Ihlara Zelve and that, as I said, attract many tourists. Caves, underground cities of Cappadocia churches and is a huge wealth of Turiciei today. Very strange geological formations are true wonders of nature, with their forms more or less bizarre.It is a landscape almost SF, absolutely great and always visit anului.Turistii Bogazkale must reach to see what’s left of the former capital of Hittite Empire, Hattusa. Many of the things found here can be seen in museums in Europe, especially in the Berlin Museum at Ankara. You can visit the Great Temple, the Royal Palace, Lions Gate, Sphinx Gate or Gate of the King. Hittites history enthusiasts I can not see all of Alachua, dating from 4000 BC Cappadocia.
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