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Travel to Balea Waterfall TransfagarasaniAll About Travelling
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Travel to Balea Waterfall Transfagarasani

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One of the most picturesque areas in the Carpathians is the Fagaras Mountains. It is located in southern Medias at a distance of about 80 km and is visible on some days at a certain height after each summer from Medias. Mountain chain has many heights over 2000 m, many waterfalls and glacial lakes.

At 2000 m height spans a distance of 90 km Transfagarasan, the highway linking Transylvania and Wallachia to pass through a tunnel of 900 m main peak at a height of over 2200 m. The area Fagaras mountains  and Balea Arpasel are nature reserves , both protected, due to the diversity of flora and rare species that live here.

There is a resort in the true sense but winter sports lovers feel at home here. Balea Waterfall is located at an altitude of 1234 m and slightly above the 2034 m. Locations Balea Lake is situated in the Fagaras Mountains, the Transfagarasan, about 65 km from Sibiu.

In winter transport from the Balea Lake  to Balea Waterfall can do with cable over a distance of 3800 m. season snow about 180 days and holidays each year around June 15.

Balea Waterfall

Balea Waterfall situated in Fagaras Mountains between peaks and Negoiu Moldoveanu, Ramna most famous waterfall at over 1200 m altitude, has a fall of 60 m and lower level marks Balea cirque.

Balea Glacial Lake

Balea Monument natural glacial lake, Glacial Lake Balea is one of the largest lakes in the Fagaras Mountains, an area of ??120 ha, a length of 360 m, a width of 240 m and an average depth of 11 m. The lake is located altitude of 2034 m in a glacial basin, ranging between Olt Defile and Piatra Craiului.
Vegetation type the perimeter of the lake is hydrophilic, consisting of sedges and herbs such as plantain alpine, alpine dandelion, spleen, etc..
Alpine flora also containsgentian, pink, flowers and blood brave corner. Balea edge increases varied vegetation that includes smardar, cranberry, red flowers Garofita militia and yellow poppies and edelweiss.

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