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Travel to Asyut, EgyptAll About Travelling
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Travel to Asyut, Egypt

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Asyut is the largest city in Upper Egypt and lies about 234 miles south of Cairo. Asyut is an old city that was built during the pharaohs, then became the capital of the 13 Egyptian Nome Superior and called Syut. Later Greeks renamed him Lycopolis, which means “wolf city.” This is due to the importance of the gods, and Anubis jackals Wepwawet. Although the city had a significant strategic value because of its position between Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt, has somehow managed to avoid the national importance of the capital, leaving a normal city.

Currently Asyut is where Egyptian police have the most problems in ensuring safety of visitors. Islamic militant group which is concentrated in the city Asyut is who assassinated Sadat in 1981 and who moved to the United States Omar Sheikh Abdu with r-Rahman, was also held responsible for bombing the World Trade Center in New York 1993.

However there are enough new news about Western tourists were killed in the city and say they only Asyut caution tourists. Despite these things, you will not lose much. Assy city worth visiting before, but there are much better places in Egypt that have at least as much to offer. But for every 1,000 tourists, fascinated by the danger there is one, and it will definitely be interested in visiting the city Asyut.

One result of the assy is impaired communication disorders. Normally, cruises on the Nile, travel in trains, and those who are heading to oases located along the Nile, and Bahariya, all must pass through Asyut. All we can say for now is stay as little as possible and hope not to lose Asyut last train leaves Asyut.


It’s pretty boring to eat Asyut, because most restaurants are just beautiful inside hotels. But in general the quality is good, at the Egyptian, and there are many cheap places to eat throughout the city. In Asyut all hotels have restaurants inside more, and although no one is nothing special, you can get a decent pizza or grilled schnitzel to Akhenaten or Badr, which serves wine and beer. Usually you can find beer and coffee tables to standard Egyptian Majestic, located opposite the station, while the Boulevard Nour Sonesta restaurant serves fried chicken and mezzes, you can eat pizza at Pizza Egyptian style boulevard Class 26 July. For cheaper dining, shopping and near the railway station area offers plenty of places that sell sandwiches shaworma, kushari, fuul or taamiya.


Asyut Dam: Located north of Asyut in the village of El-Walidiya located on the west bank of the Nile, rises the imposing dam Asyut. It was built by a British company after British engineers project, from 1898 until 1902, at the same time as the first Aswan dam, used to adjust water flow that begins here Ibrahimiya Canal to irrigate over 1,000,000 acres of land in Asyut provinces, Beni Suef and El-Minya. Dam with a height of 12.5 meters and a length of 833 meters, consists of 13 sections, the first of which (in the western end) has three arches and a lock that allows ships in the others each have nine arches. Locks, 111 in total, can be closed by iron gates.

Old Town: Located east of the station, is located on the bank of the Nile promenade cool. Go north to the bridge over the canal locks and continue until the dam Ibrahimiya Assy. Little Old Town, with or crowded bazaar, is located west of the railway.

Khet Tomb: The tomb is the tomb of Khet East, Prince of the 10th dynasty. It can be seen as the right wall of the vestibule is dead and his wife, Tefye, with a long text, partially destroyed, referring to Kin Merikare, 10th dynasty. You can also see the southern wall of the main room, which has left only a pillar designs with many rows of armed warriors. The wall is a niche for the statue of the dead. This leads to an underground passage tomb third consecutive tomb, which belongs to Tefyeb Prince Nome.

Coptic chapel of Rock: Located on the hill, passing through a small Coptic chapel of the surrounding rock and a spur of the hill, reach a point where you can see a wide view of string stretched from the hills along the eastern edge of the desert Libyan (Western).

Arab Cemetery: Located north of the necropolis of ancient Arab cemetery lies far more in plain, with hundreds of graves located between palm convex.

Stone graves: in front of Sharia el-Mahatta station usually spread to the west after the old city, and continues to the southwest, crossing the Channel Sohagiya and beyond to the foothills, the slopes which are tombs stone of ancient Asyut.

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