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Travel Guide to New Zealand - All About TravellingAll About Travelling
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Travel Guide to New Zealand

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Travel guide New Zealand

 #1 Imagine this.

My flight to New Zealand landed in the night. I started in London, it had been a really really long journey and I was sleep deprived and nothing mattered other than plonking on one of those perfect hotel beds. Is there anything better than crisp white sheets and beds that you sink into? Anyway, so we got ourselves the car that we were going to drive around in and drove straight to the room. There seemed to be something very charming about this place even in the dark as we drove through it. We picked up nachos and salsa on our way to the hotel and I remember nothing more than that because there was that perfect bed flanked on one side by large french windows covered with thick heavy curtains. The last thing I remember from that night was reading a little note on the table near the bed that read ‘Haere Mai’.


I woke up the next morning, still sunk into that lovely bed and suddenly realized I was in another continent and just how much time I wasted having overslept. One blink and I was up. Somewhere in this messy sleepy grubby stage,  I managed triple tasking and was slurring a breakfast order to room service on the phone while brushing my teeth and finding something to wear for the day when I also managed to open those thick curtains with my toes.


The light blinded me and there was something shining really hard right in my eyes, but was inviting even then. Between my buttered toast and raspberry and oatmeal smoothie order, I think I fumbled and looked over to the corner table near the window. ‘Haere Mai’ and in tinier letters under it, it said ‘Maorie for Welcome to Aukland’. My eyes had finally adjusted to the blinding light outside and I knew just what it was that was so beautiful I couldn’t even finish a conversation on the phone. I tore the curtains apart to reveal..the Pacific. The majestic sparkling blinding Pacific that leaves you awe struck for longer than you can imagine.

It doesn’t take much to fall in love with this country after this first impression.

Haere Mai indeed.

Evenings by the Pacific. Waking up to the Pacific. Driving by the Pacific. Swimming in the Pacific. Marveling at the crystal blue Pacific while catching a glimpse of a few dolphins dancing in the water by the horizon.

There’s five reasons already.


Travel guide New Zealand

The Pacific is reason #1 to visit New Zealand



You know how you enter a travel book store and open a book that has postcards on each page, a different landscape, more enticing than the first, a different feeling each time you flip the page? You know that aching, that urge to want to walk into the postcard book and be a part of it and always keep exploring?

I need no form of hyperbole to vow that driving through New Zealand is that picture postcard in motion. There’s not a single landscape that wouldn’t leave you so stunned, you have to tell yourself to stop holding your breathe.

You name the terrain or landscape and I’ve seen it all in New Zealand, while driving from one city to the next. Mountains, coastlines, geysers, volcanoes, seemingly endless pastures (even with the white horses galloping by the side of your car – not photoshopped ones, I’m not kidding), glaciers.

Apart from serious breathing issues (only because of the number of places that would take your breathe away), you need to explore this literally unbelievable country right out of your most fantastical place in any fictional world..and I promise you this would be better.

Speaking about serious breathing issues..you would forget you ever had any problems in life. There were more than a few times I felt like Heidi and all I wanted to do was build myself a little cottage on the hills overlooking the Pacific and farm and breathe in the freshest air.

Fresh air, clear skies with stars shining like you’ve never seen them before, almost every little bit of the sky coloured with the twinkles of gazillion stars..what more do you need? At this point the memory of my car parked at  Stansted Airport parking seemed far far away.


New Zealand Travel Guide

Endless roads and pristine scenery in New Zealand



Just when you think you’ve experienced something so beautiful you would never come across anything as beautiful ever again, something magical will happen. You will always, and I mean always have something to explore in this resplendent country. It’s the land of surprises. The land of the most unexpected exquisiteness. The land of magic.

Travel Guide to New Zealand

Gorgeous New Zealand


# 4

There’s something inexplicably lovely about the Kiwis. New Zealand has always been ranked as the city with the best people and the friendliest people. But you hardly believe before you actually are there.

Hitchhiking is the safest way to travel.

Policemen will drive you back home if it’s too late and you don’t have transport.

Literally everyone lacks an ego, which is absolutely refreshing.

Talking to strangers socially is not frowned upon, it’s the custom.

It’s the perfect place for a traveller – I was not look forward to going home and picking my car from Airparks’ parking

New Zealand Travel Guide

This is the image of New Zealand that stayed with me long after I got back home



New Zealand embraces its deep-rooted culture and welcomes new adventure. There’s something warm and familiar about this place, with a tinge of excitement and bouts of adrenaline. You can explore a culture you had never heard of before that they cherish while exploring an adventurous side of this hospitable country.






#1The Waitomo Caves (North Island) – I have never experienced true magic till I stumbled across this. I’m not going to tell you much about this because I need you to experience the sheer beauty of this place. All I’m going to tell you is that you wade down a stream inside caves that are lit by glow worms whose light emits a hazy glowy blue.

If this sounds magical, you’re going to feel the magic and more when you’re actually there.


#2 Cape Reigna (North Island) – I read that the Maori spirits travel to this place in their afterlife. If only I can choose where I end up going. I wouldn’t choose any differently than the Maories.


#3 Lake Tekapo (South Island) – Remember that first drawing you ever made in your life? The mountains..the lake flowing under it..the sun rising from between the mountains..the flying chirping birds..the big shady trees..the perfect coloured flowers surrounding everything..that perfect dream cottage right there overlooking the water and flanked by the mountains? This place epitomizes every bit of that perfection. Except the house. Which I’m sure you would contemplate on building because you would never want to leave the lake side once you get there.


#4 Milford Sound – Trek up here and see rainbows in waterfalls and scenery right out of travel channels. This is the stuff of dreams. The place where you want to camp out and never come back. The place that makes you feel thankful for being alive to be a part of a world so spectacular.


#5 Mount Cook (South Island) – We were driving from Queenstown to Dunedin and there were sheep grazing on each side of the grassland on almost the whole way up to this one junction on the road where suddenly the greens started crystalizing into silvers. There’s a point on this road where Mount Cook peaks out (see what I did there?) to greet you into Dunedin. Spend the day driving towards it and park under the stars and experience miracles under the twinkling night sky.


If magic were ever a physical destination, New Zealand would be it.

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