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Travel Guide To Mauritius - All About TravellingAll About Travelling
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Travel Guide To Mauritius

Aug, 13 || 1 Comment |

There was a point of time in my life when I couldn’t sleep. I think I forgot how to. I told myself there was so much to do, so much to read, so much to know, so no need to sleep. I was kidding myself. Of course I was. But somehow it never really got fixed. I was still hardly sleeping and half a million books were read and waiting to be read again and half a million websites were poured over to their last buttons.


Then in the summer of 2014, the family decided it was time to take a week off from separate schedules and relax and have a real conversation apart from grunts acknowledging each other’s presence in rooms. And maybe even get some local vanilla rum – those late night travel books weren’t a bad idea.


The beach seemed perfect. And Mauritius seemed just the right option for our little time off.


Everything fell together really fast. We booked flights a week before we were to leave. Everyone was busy with work or exams or lying around doing nothing – this was me – right up to the day before the flight, which turned out to be the day of the flight. Add in some dramatic gasps after everyone found out and dramatic fast paced packing in a silent movie, because who has the time to talk or yell when we’ve lost a day of our lives (to lie around some more).


With all of this madness and cheeky blame games – lots of fun when they’re in silent mode – no one bothered to check if anyone had figured what we were doing once we actually got to Mauritius.


It hadn’t struck us just yet, so everything was still peachy while using each other as human cushions on the plane and arguing and sulking about which one of us gets the ocean view room if one of the rooms isn’t. You do not want our problems.


The rest of them slept off after about an hour of trying different lists of hierarchy regarding all the things under the sun only to win that ocean view room and I was staring at the most beautiful clouds with gazillion stories to tell about their travels. Sleep continued to elude me and I wasn’t even displeased. I’m not trying to be dramatic at all when I say that the moment this thought hit me, of being thankful that I was up for seeing the day break over the clouds that the first light hit this side of the world, the clouds parted and the plane dove under their blanket, heading towards the most green island I’ve ever seen from so far up. It was absolute love. I fell in love with the island right there, it’s blue and green jewel tones almost blinding me with all that love.


This day was possibly the most calm day of my life, but I didn’t know that just yet.


After an hour’s drive to the hotel where we marveled at everything all at once – Ooooh look! Sugarcane fields! Ooooh look! Sea breeze! Oooh look! The beach! Oooh look! A Mercedes Benz looking better on these roads than any other! Oooh look! Boat house! Beach villa! Fishermen! More sugarcane fields! More beach! More boat houses! More beach! More sugarcane fields! More beach! – We got off the cabs with our driver looking at us like we were four years olds introduced to cotton candy and we had just landed in cotton candy field. We scrambled out of grubby airplane clothes while celebrating an ocean view for both rooms and stuffed our faces with fresh fish curry and some more fresh fish curry. If there ever was a poem on pure satisfaction after platefuls of food, we would be the epitome of that poem.

Ile Aux Cerfs

Ile Aux Cerfs


We packed a little picnic, decided to spend the day wandering around the beach, rented out some kayaks, kayaked down the still waters till we found a raft anchored in the middle of nowhere, hitched our kayaks on the raft and climbed aboard and spent the afternoon eating garlic buttered baguettes and talking about airplanes and design and life while sunbathing.


I don’t know at what point that happened, but there was a moment of sudden epiphany. A moment where the sudden realization occurred, that I was on a raft..in the middle of the Indian Ocean..in the middle of nowhere. I was a tiny speck in this massive world. I was the littlest dot near the littlest island on the big globe. Imagine a dramatic shot of the camera zooming out from your face..and out and out from you and suddenly encompassing all of the universe. That pretty much summed up the epiphany.


There’s something about a place that makes you realize how tiny you and your problems are.


Sunshine started fading away and we kayaked back to the shore and decided we weren’t done with the beach for the day just yet. The four of us lied down on the soft white sand and stargazed till we were the only ones on the entire beach.


That night, after another meal of fresh fish curry, I slept like a baby. I don’t know if it was the epiphany. Or the excessive amounts of food I had stuffed into a tiny person. But I want to give credit to the former. Something about this jewel coloured island balanced out something inside me, and sleep has never been this peaceful or easy to come.


If only everyone could spend a day on a raft in the middle of nowhere.

 Black River Gorges Park

Black River Gorges Park



1) Know where to stay. Don’t go wrong with this. It’s not as easy as you would like. There might be existential questions involved in the decision. (I kid, of course..but..) What kind of people are you? If you like to party it up and need your dose of neon streaked nights, you have to choose some place in the North. There’s a great selection of hotels in Mauritius and most of them are very close to the ‘happening’ places – Port Louis and Grand Baie. But don’t mistake Mauritius to be the party it up all night every night kind of place either. There’s only so much neon streaked nights the place offers.

2) If you’re the kind of people who like to laze on their holiday and veg out by the pool while sipping wine in their personal space while reading a book and eat some local food and not be bothered by too many people, you need to experience the South of Mauritius. Here’s a little personal suggestion. There’s a national park right in the South called the Black River Gorges Park. And there are private villa societies right in the middle of this forest by the side of the river. And when I say villa, I mean extremely well done up mansions with private pools and help for food and turn down services and porches to laze around and everything a dream house is made up of.

3) Not that North doesn’t have those sea side cottages where one doesn’t need a garage for a car, but instead to park one’s jet ski, but it’s just that the North is more crowded than the South.So it’s only a matter of choice. But choose well, or you’ll be commuting more than you would have liked.

4) Commuting brings me to this point. Book yourself a car. Best way to travel, and you cover all of the North and South and East and West while driving through sugarcane fields under popcorn like clouds. Also, get yourself some bicycles for travelling short distances or just to cycle down the beach or around sugarcane fields.

5) Book your skydiving and scuba diving sessions as soon as you get there. And also make sure those two are at least 24 hours apart and are also about 12 hour away from your flight back. For skydiving I highly recommend SkyDive Austral and for scuba diving I would vouch for ProDive Mauritius. Both these places have the loveliest people and the loveliest experiences.

6) Spend more time on the beaches than you would sight seeing. Frankly, there’s not much to do if you’re looking for touristy places. Well, there is, but it didn’t stun me to silence. What did stun me were the beaches, the people, more beaches and more the lifestyle. I prefer staying off touristy places when I travel unless they are highly recommended and unfortunately, the highly recommended tourist spots in Mauritius turned out to be quite disappointing. I wouldn’t suggest the Chamarel Falls nor would I force you to go to the Seven Coloured Earth. But if I was the one planning your stay in Mauritius, I would suggest you pack a lovely scrumptious picnic and head to Blue Bay (walk till the end of the beach and you’ll find a cozy little corner of the beach that hardly anyone goes to) and camp out there all day. This place makes you feel like you’ve reached the edge of the world. But there’s also singing ice cream trucks, so there’s no need to worry. I would also suggest renting out kayaks and exploring the island from the ocean. Ile Aux Cerfs and Ile Aux Cigarettes are great islands to explore also. I would rather drive around on those beautiful roads on sunny days and reach a beach and open a bottle of bubbly than I would spend around hoards of tourists.

7) Take a swim in the ocean around sunset. There’s your chance for epiphanies and more.
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