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Travel Europe by TrainAll About Travelling
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Travel Europe by Train

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Travel Europe by Train

Travel Europe by TrainEven now, after elimination of visas for most European countries, traveling abroad is still relatively less accessible to the average. “How much money?” is the question that immediately comes to your mind when your heart starts to glimpse it gives ghes more or less distant. Yet, there are solutions. One of them is even traveling by train. What, here, is cheaper if you use a program called Inter Rail Travel Europe by Train.

Although he appeared for several years and is among the most attractive offers of Railways, Inter Rail Travel Europe by Train program is not yet sufficiently known travel enthusiasts. Those who have heard about it and have turned to this program and realized that gain came in: it is very convenient. The advantages are many Travel Europe.

First, an Inter Rail tickets can be purchased at any travel agency that sells tickets CFR international client being able to choose the most convenient travel period for “pocket” of, as is offered tickets with times different life: 12 days 22 days or one month.
The period of validity, with this type of ticket to travel however, on any route, for several countries or even in Europe. This means that the area that you can get on any train without the need to buy some other ticket, but only pay a supplement if they turn to high speed trains.

Buying tickets can be made depending on where the traveler wants to go, for this purpose in European Travel Europe by Train countries offer CFR is divided into eight areas Travel Europe by Train. In addition, there is a category of tickets that can travel in all areas for a month – Inter Rail Global.
Also, for children and young people aged up to 26 years the prices are lower, and for transit over the Romanian border and the border area chosen is a discount of 50% Travel Europe by Train.

Areas covered by Inter Rail Travel Europe

As we look to give the passengers the opportunity to choose the most convenient alternative route, European countries have been divided into eight areas:
Zone A: Great Britain, Ireland, Northern Ireland;
Zone B: Sweden, Norway, Finland;
Area C: Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Austria;
Area D: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia;
Zone E: France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg;
Zone F: Spain, Portugal, Morocco;
Area G: Italy, Slovenia, Greece, Turkey, including boats that run between Brindisi Corfu / Igoumenitsa / Patras.

Inter Rail Fares

Depending on the time and they are to travel and, of course, the financial resources available, a customer can opt for these types of Inter Rail tickets offered by CFR:

Ticket for an area for 12 days Ticket for two zones, for 22 days Tticket for two zones, for a month Ticket for three zones, for a month For Inter Rail Global for one month
Adults – 173.6 euros Adult – 210 euros Adults – 270.2 euros Adult – 308 euros Adults 362.6 – euro
Children (4-12 years) – 86.8 euros Children (4-12 years) – 105 euros Children (4-12 years) – 135.1 euros Children (4-12 years) – 135.1 euros Children (4-12 years) – 181.3 euros
Younger by 26 years – 118.3 euro Younger by 26 years – 144.2 euro Young by 26 years – 191.8 euro Younger by 26 years – 216.3 euro Younger by 26 years – 255.5 euro

Now that you have learned about the offer to travel by train through Europe in conditions as may be civilized and reasonably priced, how about not seem tempting a holiday abroad Travel Europe by Train?

Below are the most beautiful places you can Travel Europe by Train

Switzerland – Train Chocolate

From the town of Montreux on the shores of Lake Geneva, a train will take you through scenery charming story of the medieval city Elevtiei to Gruyères. Here you can grab lunch (try really famous local cheese!), Visit a castle and walk on the beautiful lawns. Then you return to continue the journey by train and Broc, where it will wait for a bus. This will lead to the Cailler-Nestlé chocolate factory, situated between Lake Gruyères and mountains, where you taste their free wonders. Much way back will be sweeter Travel Europe by Train.

Travel time: 10 hours round trip. Price: details here.

The Bernina Express

The train leaves Switzerland’s oldest town, Chur, through the Alps and the little city train stops in Italy, Tirano. A good part of this trip you do with a “landscape” at the UNESCO World Heritage, will meet on the road 55 tunnels, 196 bridges with fabulous views and you went down from over 2,300 m altitude up to 800 m From Tirano you can give a run at Lake Como, which is less than 100 km and can you meet George Clooney 🙂

Travel time: 4 hours one way. Price: details here.

Francisco de Goya

Evening train leaves Paris and is a true 5-star hotel on wheels. Roaming a countryside perfect, you get a romantic dinner, a bunk bed with a dream where he freely and a bath with shower, then a royal breakfast, before arriving in Madrid, the third most populous city in European Union.

Travel time: 14 hours, one way. Price: from 200 to 300 euros / person in Grand Classe. Details here.

The Castles of Britain

The trip begins in the city Inverness in Scotland (near Loch Ness) and the United Kingdom to train crosses the south of Liverpool city Gwynedd, Wales (in the Snowdonia National Park). All the way you will stop the most beautiful fortresses and castles belonging to the Great British Heritage, a total of over 580 attractions.

Travel time: 15 days.

Trans-Siberian Railway

It is a long journey but incredible, over culture and time. The train leaves Moscow and carries you through Mongolia, to Vladivostok on the Pacific Ocean port, about 10,000 kilometers. You meet people rich and poor, young and old, and vodka lovers eager to make friends for life.

Travel time: 19 days.

The Flam Railway

A very short trip. In about an hour, the train passes through one of the most dramatic landscapes in the world, starting in the town of Flam, Norway and climbed about 900 meters to Myrdal plateau. Along the way you will have waterfalls, mountains and valleys, and the train will stop for photos.

Travel time: 1 hour.

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

When you walk on train go for two days and one night in London to Venice, calendar tabs will simply fly. You wake up in the 20s, with characters elegant salon located in a golden age. Black tie attire is required at dinner, and in terms of travel, I do not think you need details. You will see Europe by train windows a unique, incredibly elegant.

Duration: 36 hours. Prices are great, but all seats are sold by the end of summer.

Balkan Flexipass

The train is 10 o’clock in Belgrade, Serbia to the ancient town of Bar in Montenegro, the Adriatic Sea. But Balkan Flexipass is much more than that. If you want a real vacation, you discounts for 5.10 or 15 days of travel through Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia and Turkey.

You establish your journey!

If your budget can not support such a luxury trip, my advice is to give the plane yet this summer and go with local trains to your holiday destination. Even if you have 5-star, all you will enjoy the scenery, interesting people and many good memories Travel Europe.

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