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Top 10 most dangerous mountains in the worldAll About Travelling
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Top 10 most dangerous mountains in the world

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Mountains should not be treated in play. Despite their beauty, mountains hide deadly dangers even for the best climbers. Even our Carpathians, not giddy heights can be dangerous and deadly traps for those who scorn the mysteries of Iron Mountain and nescotesc rules of incursions into the kingdom of stone and wood. So dozens of dead standing testimony tribute mountains are sacrificed every year. Especially dangerous are found to be the highest and most inaccessible mountains of the planet. These stone giants take their mysterious lives even among the best climbers and mountaineers in the world. If I ever get iron with boot and his climbing rope, be aware not only of grand spectacle that occurs every step, but also the dangers that lurk after every crack of stone and piece of ice …

10. Mount Fuji, Japan
Height: 3776 m

Unparalleled mountain, how would the Japanese Talmaci, firm reigns above the capital Tokyo. For millennia, silhouette volcanic cone shaped perfectly, with top whiteness of the snow dressed in ancient lit the imagination of poets, painters and lovers of beauty of the Rising Sun Country. The whole appearance of old mountain, quiet and elevated, Fuji is relentlessly with tourists. Japanese or foreign, the sacred mountain of Japan not forgive at all. Every year, in the period between October and April, dozens of tourists who ignore warnings unconscious authorities die in cliff collapse.
The cause of death is eminently silly. Mount Fuji is famous for the sunrise, which, seen from the heights of his shows beautiful pictures, unique. To get the best possible angle for viewing or photographing, Japanese tourists climb the mountain at night in hopes of finding the best places for sunrise. Like climbing a mountain at night is a reckless act for the uninitiated, many great pictures amateurs find their Prapastiile passed away in the most beautiful mountain in Japan.

9. Mount McKinley, Alaska, USA
Height: 6194 m

Athabasca Indians tribes call it Denali, meaning the Great in their language. And mount up to its reputation … McKinley is not only the highest mountain in North America, but also a great collector of lives. Among its records include the fact that the king of the mountains of Alaska is bigger even than Everest. Since it is located in northern high latitude to make the atmosphere here to be more rarefied than a 8,000 meter high mountain located hypothetically, somewhere near the equator.
Another bold enemy who dare to conquer it, is ubiquitous frost. Here temperatures are terrible. Winter drops to -60 degrees Celsius and at times windy, the temperature felt by the human body is found on Denali -83 degrees Celsius. Due to high latitudes same risk altitude sickness is very common. For the reasons listed above, mountain climbing success rate reaches only 50% of trials. Many were those who lost the battle: every year, dozens of climbers lose their lives on icy slopes. 2003 was the worst – 100 climbers have died to meet the Great.

8. Charro Chalten, Patagonia, the border between Chile and Argentina
Height: 3375 m

And western mountaineers known as the Mount Fitz Roy, Charro Chalten Original owes its name to its proximity to the village of El Chalten. Since its first “conquest” spent in 1952, when French climbers Lionel Terray and Guido Magnone have climbed the highest peak of his annual Fitz Roy took a mysterious oily lives. Despite his height at all impressive for a killer mountain people, mountain Fitz Roy is a dangerous, even for professionals and experienced climbers. Mountain slopes danger comes in the form of granite, which makes any escalation operation to turn into an adventure extreme, where death can Pandi at every step. Add here and the weather can change in less than 5 minutes.
Fitz Roy is a mountain “special”, so to speak, in the murder of photographers. Unique and spectacular form, draws each season hundreds of photographers worldwide, amateur eager to capture snapshots as great. Many end up on icy slopes, their bodies not being recovered again. To get an idea of ??the difficulty of Fitz Roy natty note that, currently, on average, about 50 people up and down safely on Everest. Fitz Roy is successfully climbed only once a year!

7. Mount Matterhorn, Italy, Switzerland border
Height: 4478 m

Even if the Germans call it Matterhorn, Italians – Cervino and the French – Cervin, it is one and the same mountain, running for the title of the most dangerous mountain massif in the whole chain of the Alps. Image picturesque mountain that shoots like a chimney sky white to countries, which hides a great killer of men. Symbol of the Alps, Materhorn severely punished first attempt to conquer coming from the people. The first successful ascent was undertaken in 1865, when an expedition led by mountaineer Edward Whymper, managed to climb to the top.
Mount boldly alpinistilot not go unpunished. On the way downhill, almost all Whymper’s companions fell into the abyss. Matterhorn was not satisfied with that. In the period between the years 1865-1995, the mountain called sacrifice the lives of over 500 people. Among the dangers that lurk here frequently take the form of avalanches stirred in clear, narrow paths congestion, frequent falls of rocks and stones and extremely strong winds which often lead to imbalances followed by drops in abyss.

6. Mount Washington, New Hampshire, USA
Height: 1917 m

Well, who would not expect a mountain of 2,000 meters height also present difficulties to fill the position 6 of the top? Mount trivial and deleted the northeastern United States, do not leave anything less than “great killers of people” in the Andes, Himalayas and Antarctica. First, keep in mind that in its modest peaks, the weather is changing incredibly fast. Secondly, the mountain named after U.S. president has many sections with permanent snow and ice that resists even the summer.
Since the early historic ascents in the mountains, so far, icy slopes have claimed the lives of over 100 people. In winter, temperatures drop to -43 degrees Celsius and windy temperatures down to -75 degrees. And if you still wonder what will this look on the list of most dangerous mountain stone giants in the world, hang on, lest you wind him! Mount Washington has an impressive world record. On 12 April 1934, on top of the mountain were recorded the strongest winds on Earth who ever beat, since such measurements are made. Then the wind blew at the speed of 480 km / h … Thick enough to demolish a brick wall!

5. Everest, Nepal
Height: 8848 m

The highest mountain in the world remains on high when it comes to danger, climbing difficult or, worse, loss of life. And if somehow thought that the height does not cost, wrong again. In addition, the “brand” Everest shows another danger. This time a financial one. How tall tourism is the largest source of revenue for the Government of Nepal, the authorities require serious money for any Montagnard who entered the Land of the Gods thinking to conquer the highest peak in the world. Merged, the final costs of an adventure Chomolugma, amounted to about $ 25,000 per person, an amount negligible in these troubled times for finance …
From the moment in 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary conquered Everest first, and by the end of 2009, the “Roof of the World” sacrifices asked of 216 people. The most serious incident occurred in 1996, when a snow storm killed eight climbers. Lurk toughest conditions with the entry into the so-called “death zone” somewhere over 8,000 meters when the amount of oxygen in the air becomes insufficient and climbers who choose to climb to the top without oxygen bottles they have just a few hours to make the ascent and return. Most deaths occurred in this area, bodies remain frozen forever, like a macabre tribute paid to human courage to defy the supreme heights.

4. Kangchenjunga, the border between India and Nepal
Height: 8586 m

Competition bronze medalist in the highest mountains of the world, and won only K2 and Everest, Kangchenjunga (whose translation in Nepali means The Five Treasures of Snow) is actually a massif that contains five peaks, each exceeding height of 8450 meters.
By 1852, the scientific world believed that mountain range is the highest mountain in the world. Due to its location in an area inaccessible to most people, the mountain has retained purity and savagery page. Do you enjoy … not yet. In recent years, despite advanced equipment, the death rate rose to 22%, a sad reflection of more frequent avalanches caused by global warming, then add blizzards suddenly aroused. How Nature was not hostile enough for climbers and mountaineers, recently became the theater of military operations between Maoist guerrillas and Indian and Nepalese authorities.

3. Nanga Parbat, Pakistan
Height: 8125 m

If Urdu (spoken in Pakistan), Nanga Parbat translates into Mount Blank, because its huge barren rocky heights, well, in the jargon of climbers, hill macabre reputation has earned the “killer people”. Nanga Parbat “offer” in full all the ways a tragic end to his kingdom. Here death lurks around every corner as hade forms and varied: cardiac or pulmonary edema, fatal frostbite, hypothermia, avalanches, physical exhaustion, altitude sickness.
A German expedition in 1930 paid the death of 31 members courage to face Mount Gol. To date, of the 261 climbers who have climbed the tip, 61 have died in the conditions listed above. In 2005, Slovenian climber Tomaz Humar famous, remained isolated for 6 days on an ice wall at a height of 5900 meters, has escaped with his life only because of the intervention lucky Pakistani army, which rescued by a helicopter. Among the latest victims of Italian mountain climber include Karl Unterkircher, which in 2008 fell into a crevasse. A year ago, South Korean climber Go Mi-Sun slid into a ravine due to high winds, when they came down from the mountain after a succesful ascent …

2. Annapurna, Nepal
Height: 8091 m

Hindu devotees especially for the 10th century tall mountain on Earth, the name Annapurna, meaning the Goddess Crop. Today, Annapurna, unfortunately holds the record harvest of life. Many consider him the most dangerous mountain in the world, considering that death rate rises to 41% of climbers who attempt to climb it. The roads are in a shambles, a fall in the abyss car can end anytime ascent to base camp at the foot of the mountain, where actually begin ascent itself.
For example, the road that connects Marpha and Tatopani is considered the most dangerous in the world. Surrounding mountain forests are home to many Himalayan black bears, leopards, tigers and even poisonous snakes. Ice wall collapse and detachment of rocks are relatively common, especially in spring. But altitude sickness has claimed most lives oemenesti. Since 1950, when it was climbed for the first time, Annapurna has been climbed 130 daring. 53 climbers on Annapurna expedition paid with his life, among them is the famous Spanish Inaki Ochoa of Olza.

1. K2, the border between Pakistan and China
Height: 8611 m

Climber nicknamed “Wild Mountain”, K2 is the second peak of the world, like height, after Everest. However, K2 surpassed its rival in terms of the dangers and difficulties. Among elite climbers dispute exists today on the most difficult mountain on the planet, expert opinion is divided between Annapurna and K2, but in purely technical terms, K2 shows the difficulty of climbing. Even the easiest route of ascent is to cross a high altitude alpine glacier complicated.
Mount gained over time and the sad reputation of “Killer Women”. Of 6 climbers who have climbed over time, only one, Edurne Pasaban of Spain, escaped with his life. Unlike Annapurna, the mountain with the highest number of human victims, it is impossible to climb K2 in winter. At least 77 climbers died on K2 so far, most corpses not be recovered again … The sad incident took place in 1986, during the famous 1986 K2 Disaster, when 13 climbers were killed by violent storms.

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