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The Sphinx Observatory in Jungfraujoch, SwitzerlandAll About Travelling
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The Sphinx Observatory in Jungfraujoch, Switzerland

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The Sphinx Observatory in Jungfraujoch

Any tourist brochure showing Switzerland Bernese Alps image is missing, not missing image three giants Eiger, Monch and Jungfraujoch, not missing Astronomical Observatory image of Jungfraujoch, that Sphinx of 3571m altitude, a mark is not missed by the armies of tourists who come here in all seasons.

I said armies of tourists and this term may be reminiscent of a large crowd that those who want to get there will find a quiet corner in which to hear music glaciers Jungfraujoch. Not so, spaces here are so high that if you’ll find places where you can just listen to your heart. When told about the armies of tourists talking about the ones I’ve seen talking about statistics railway company serving the route and give the sum of 500,000 passengers annually but does not speak for the sum of 100 euros, as Ticket costs of travel, which after simple multiplication sums that go to make you shudder.

But forget the numbers and start our journey with the train leaving from Interlaken and Lauterbrunnen Jungfraujoch before conception into their routing or direction separates Grindelwald, or on the Wengen.Atunci you buy the ticket you can choose the option to climb a route and return the other route, that if the departure is from Interlaken. If you ask me which one is more spectacular trails then I recommend you go by car to Grindelwald. On the way, before you meet some hotels private resort where room rates are slightly reduced and if you have already passed them and Jungfraujoch reach the heart of the resort prices here are our financial level, but insist on looking for a hostel May be withdrawn, you will find so-called affordable prices, but not fall below 40 euros.

The story was that his two friends to come to such a board, rather late in the dark rooms we pay the Jungfraujoch owner told him that we go to 6.30 in the morning to climb the first train at 7 o’clock, in which case We’ll get that,, morningtiket “whose price is low as a few dollars, but forces you to go down there up until 12.30 hours.
In this case the owner with the necessary zcuzele tells us that we will make each package with breakfast, showed us where we find packages morning and, Guten Nacht! “Morning rush luggage into the car I wanted breakfast but was not any package, we said that this looked to provide food and cats and we headed rush to the station. Take the train making fun of trouble that can happen … and Eveţia, were about five minutes before the train leaves from a knock on the window surprised that the owner of the guesthouse come with a bag in a hurry with breakfast and … apologies.

Jurney to Sphinx Observatory in Jungfraujoch

Further discussions between us, all on the question whether and to Romania once something happens, or Romanian owner will laugh with satisfaction with, and I tricked the guys “. Without feeling the train moves easily between hotels and elegant villas that sleep and still last the morning, stop in primer and gear here under cars start to bite the rack gear on that track railway center. After a few curves on a downhill trail with impressive seal stops to breathe in Kleine Scheidegg where you are forced to climb down to other trains Jungfraujoch.

Here goes altitude of 2000 meters, two impressive hotels make you cast your eyes to them for proper moments for the greatness of the Eiger, with its northern front, breathtaking amntindu you a series of films Jungfraujoch that alpnişti tried to cross into the top and unlucky enough to have given life to a threshold or behind this huge rock. I wanted to see how to translate the Romanian name of this mountain and found the best way they deserve – Ogre. The tip of his right to the 4107 meter Monch on which the Germans call it, we Romanians call it Monk, shield behind the Virgin (Jungfraujoch), like the ogre guarding it.

From now on I will only use Romanian names that sound like much nicer, mind giving us the legends do not know or try to understand. Here in Kleine Scheidegg, in front of the station, a restaurant has a large furnished terrace directly outdoors where almost no one goes without a hot meal to not buy a glass of mulled wine in winter, tea, coffee. Warning plates in about five international languages, including Chinese and Japanese are not lacking, point out that from now on those with heart problems are shown to give the final train travel that will climb to an altitude of 3454 meters where air is thin, with the risk of stroke.

I was happy that during this time in two seasons, winter in February and fall in September. Kleine Scheidegg Winter left many ski slopes and sledge down to Wengen on a length of six kilometers. Got into train here a steep slope towards the last station takes you outside, Eigergletscher, train entering a tunnel five miles long entering the bowels Jungfraujoch ogre, winding the coil, approaching the rock wall in two places, which stop stations are each 6 minutes, during which passengers are invited to exit the train, go through some tunnels of 20 meters, you go to some huge windows carved into a mountain where you can admire the glaciers and crevasses of habitual Eismeer. Most travelers go down into the intermediate stations, most leave with a shout and a few pictures to the camera. These windows are used by rescue teams when requested by the phone stuck on ice or worse, in an accident.
Throughout the course every car passengers are informed about the construction of the railway, how to work a hundred years the fleeting footage is located inside the plasma 5-6.

Final station Jungfraujoch

Reach the final station Jungfraujoch, the tunnel is very large, fit two trains there. Down and started to grab încorto not know but those who climb here even for the second time already are oriented and steadily advancing. Many of claustrophobia phenomenon leads to hasten steps to glimpse places of natural light. In this rock there is a whole network of pedestrian tunnels and well-placed signs in the tunnel you go or glacier ice actually dug, discreet lighting, the walls of which is a real exhibition of ice sculptures be another tunnel you out in the South directly to where Aletscgletscher begins to unfold the 22 kilometers of ice and crevasses. On white immensity are tempted to go even one day on the slopes dishes quite accessible to where the sounds are not echoed. Turn your head and see the blue sky even on top of that cliff looming Astronomical Observatory Jungfraujoch building on whose terrace the size of the birds look like people either down or to horizons ragged peaks and clouds.

When you right man who once said that time is our enemy and sometimes even feel a weakness in the body, due to altitude, you get back again through the tunnel and Sphinx looking indicator that bears your steps to the door of an elevator. If the elevator cabin is below you will find the door wide open, uric not have to sign appetite button,, up “, the door closes automatically and within seconds I browse 150 meters vertically. Get on the terrace observer who believe that all the time is quite crowded, many believe that it considers the strength of the area. I was very quickly withdrawn again here looking for another place where I could listen in boots grinding ice, I went somewhere in the eastern part of the whole complex firm, a plateau in the Jungfraujoch of the Swiss flag which dominates and where many leave with memories of a wonderful photo. I had a red apple in his backpack, I dug the knife tip in the apple core sign of the cross as the white flag and started playing a real one, PROFILAND that apple in the mountains, the simple, when a piece of ice when sprinkled with snow …. At a certain time I noticed a man standing with a camera around me, looked at how I was doing pictures that finally daring to ask apple to me. You ask where is the Swiss answer to them, I reply that I came to Apple in Romania and I will not give me that idea simply steals the picture. Botos was little, but not too far, and I left the apple I sight the idea that it will use, we passed signs that delimited plateau. Outside was -12 degrees but a sharp breeze powerless makes you feel like at -22 degrees, I was far to imagine that somewhere on the right will always be able to see my dream – Mont Blanc.

The camera felt the cold more than me, at one time refused to work and when I turned my head I see a post with Swiss flag barely horizon. I decided to go back, I made some steps in the run and then I realized that these tablets warning indicating to slowly move were made just scared, pantofarii “had a well-intentioned heart. I felt that I am air, I stopped, could not find where to sit lower than the snow, Virgin and started a dance Monk Turing, were caught in their vortex, wind driven away last tourist keen on set, looking in the sky even a bird to assist me to be around, imagination did I would be covered by blizzard … Easy I came, I went back in the womb of the mountain where a rock wall restaurant windows steam food forces you to sit at a table near the window as. Already in the real world, you’re hungry, you’re tired of altitude, a bolt clock-watching and looking from the train tunnel.
If those steps you will read these lines will take you in Switzerland should not miss the Jungfraujoch!

Text by Teodor Cardei

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