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The Socotra island, YemenAll About Travelling
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The Socotra Island, Yemen

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The Socotra Island, Yemen

Socotra is located somewhere between Cape Horn and the Arabian Peninsula. Socotra island Sea is about 85% of the entire surface area of ​​the archipelago, the rest being composed only of small islands. Due to its location in a particular area, one third of the species found here are no longer found anywhere in the world. Socotra is administered by Yemen, but the term “administrator” and not too found little place since there is nothing to manage. island living from tourism, one that’s right because the coordinates rather exclusive. But who came here, knows well worth the trip. Socotra though not part of the Earth.

Socotra – the alien island

Is actually an archipelago of four islands in the Indian Ocean along the east coast of Africa and south of the Arabian Peninsula. One third of the species of trees and flowers here no longer exists anywhere on Earth. Trees such as “Dragon Blood” or those who seem far huge mushrooms or umbrellas survive here in a very harsh climate, arid and extremely high temperatures.

The term seems to be Greek, but is actually Sanskrit and means “island of bliss”. The Greeks arrived and described strange landscapes, putting on a Russian leg, called Zhukov. By 1507, the island becomes a colony of Portuguese and British protectorate in 1886 goes on. Yemen wins island only in 1967, claiming that is closest to it. There has brought great benefits directly, but Arabs are proud of her because I know it’s hard to find such a place in the world. Tall trees, colorful flowers, rocks spectacular, small lakes with clear water, you can ask for more from something that can mean the trip of your life?

Is spectacular and diverse marine coastal waters, where coral reefs are distinguished, especially on the northern slopes of the four islands, dominated by Acropora colonies huge. As for fish and crustaceans, is enough to remember that seafood and giant lobsters regular menu is offered to tourists who can enjoy and prolonged sessions of scuba diving and snorkeling in the absence of sharks, rarely recorded in the area. Are multicolored fish that populate coral, among them – fish, surgeon, Acanthurus dussumieri.

To understand, in this context, scientific interest that it arouses the local ecosystem, often being raced number of researchers tourists – especially dendrology. Since the end of the nineteenth century, scientific expeditions stormed Socotra, the first being the British and Austrian scientists.

A significant advantage for local biodiversity conservation in time (only competed in the archipelagos of Hawaii and the Galapagos) was represented, along with natural geographical isolation, historical isolation frequencies generated by situations of conflict in the island and Yemen, in general, were involved to In recent years, the country was formally unified in 1990, but still remain exposed to tribal conflict.


Another attraction is the fantastic sandstone caves carved by nature in the ribs.Combined action of wind and water have resulted premises impressive size of over 100 meters, serving during monsoon rains (season lasts from June to September and is not suitable for traditional tourism), as shelters for shepherds and for their herds of goats.

Landscapes offer no shortage of canyons, oases of palm trees (around which communities have developed lasting), plateaus (eg. Diksam) dominated by clusters of cinnabari (with crown-shaped parachute or umbrella), mountains ( with altitudes up to 1525 meters) or Qalansiyah picturesque fishing zone. In fact, the island there is only one hotel that offers Western-style comfort and tourists – including those of organized groups of agents – innopteaza usually in camps located near the small fishing villages on the coast.

Transfer to the Arabian Peninsula is achieved through the airport (only two weekly flights, operated by Yemen Airways) and the new marine port city of residence, Hadibu, located on the northern coast Socotra.

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