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A Taste of Tunisia - All About TravellingAll About Travelling
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A Taste of Tunisia

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One of the best parts of travelling is getting to taste the local grub. Spicy, sweet and downright unusual — no matter what the nation serves, you’re sure to remember it. Tunisia, the northernmost country in Africa, is no different. Holiday makes like First Choice fly out to Tunisia every day, so here are just some of the dishes you must try on your Tunisian holiday.


Tunisian food is amazing

Tunisian food is amazing



The national dish of Tunisia, couscous is granules of durum wheat typically served as a mound with a meat and vegetable layer on top. A drizzle of sauce completes the dish. Known as the best couscous in all of North Africa, this dish is certainly a must-try.


Cous Cous is popular in Tunisia

Cous Cous is popular in Tunisia



This spicy chilli paste, typically made into a sauce, accompanies many Tunisian dishes. You’ll see it on a meat dish, egg scramble or even a sandwich. Harissa is intrinsic to the food of Tunisia



Brik, a thin, filled-pastry dish, is the Tunisian version of the Turkish ‘borek.’ These deep-fried pastry pockets are often filled with tuna, lamb, beef or egg.



There aren’t a lot of vegetarians in Tunisia and it’s easy to see why — their meat dishes are just too tasty! Try Merguez, a dish of small, freshly-made (and spicy!) lamb or beef sausages.


Poisson complet

Head to one of the charming Tunisian coastal towns and you’ll get the opportunity to try a whole host of delicious seafood. ‘Poisson complet,’ or whole fish, is typically fire-grilled and served with a side of fried potatoes. Delicious!



A sweet gruel pudding, Asida is a popular Tunisian desert. Those with a sweet tooth will also enjoy the freshly-made Baklawa and Bambaloni, a fried, donut-type cake.


Mint tea

Finally, visitors ought to enjoy a cup of traditional Tunisian mint tea when on holiday in this Mediterranean nation. Not only will it cleanse the palate after all these delicious meals, but you can sip on it with a snack, typically pine nuts, as well.


Mint Tea in Tunisia

Mint Tea in Tunisia


So, with a variety of sweet and savoury dishes served in Tunisia, your taste buds are in for a treat!

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