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CMH Heli-Skiing

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3l5gvPCnyMo...read more.

Travel to Quebec, Canada

Spread over Diamond Head and on the banks of Lake St. Lawrence, Quebec City is the most beautiful city located and most full of history in Canada. Vieux-Quebec, its fortifications surrounded by solid, the only walled city in North Amer...read more.

Travel to Niagara Falls, Canada

Niagara Falls on the Niagara River is one of the most famous spectacles in North America. Niagara is on the international line between the cities of Niagara Falls - New York and Niagara Falls - Ontario. Falls was formed 10,000 years ag...read more.

Travel to Manitoba and Saskatchewan, Canada

Provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, a vast stretch of border with Ontario limited to the east and the Rocky Mountains and Alberta to the west, make up a region called "prairies". In fact, smooth plains without trees are limited in...read more.

Travel to Lake Louise, Canada

Lake Louise refers both to the lake itself and the nearby village, located in the Canadian province of Alberta in Banff National Park. Unique emerald color of the lake comes from alluvial deposits brought rocky lake by water melted fro...read more.

Travel to Kelowna, Canada

Kelowna is in British Columbia, Lake Okanagan. Kelowna is a tourist resort and works as a commercial center for an area of  orchards and forestry. Other industries are making wine here and work in automated stores. Is the capital regi...read more.

Sports in Canada

ICE HOCKEY IN CANADA The players are fighting about 50 miles per hour and puck reaching speeds over 160 kilometers per hour, this would be a high adrenaline sporting event even without the relaxed attitude on the ice rink fight - like...read more.

History of Canada

Before Europeans arrived in Canada, the area was inhabited by various populations who came from Asia via the Bering Strait over 10,000 years ago ago. Vikings arrived in Canada around 1000 AD Their arrival is described in Icelandic stor...read more.

Food and drink in Canada

Breakfast is taken very seriously throughout Canada, and the average prices between 5 and 12 dollars is often the best option and most satisfying meal of the day. Whether you go into a cafe, cafe-bar or a snack bar at a hotel, breakfas...read more.

Canada Travel Guide

Canada is one of the most interesting travel destinations in the world. It has many interesting cities such as Toronto, the North Vancouver, Montreal or Halifax. But it also has the most impressive nature, which is excellent for outdoo...read more.

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