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Ski in ItalyAll About Travelling
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Ski in Italy

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Ski in Italy

Italy is a favorite location ski for tourists from around the world, primarily partly sunny, immaculate, all white due to artificial snow systems equipped with modern lifts. In Italy there is a lot of winter sports paradises in Europe. For example, the Dolomites with 12 ski areas, accumulating 1.220 km of trails, 8 of 10 sunny days and snow guaranteed 90% of all runs. Italy has much to offer skiers both beginners and advanced users. All regions of Italy are famous for ski slopes very well maintained, high quality services and affordable prices. Ski slopes of major Italian regions are connected by free ski bus owners pass. Italy ski infrastructure has been improved considerably in recent years, currently in the Italian Alps resorts facilities rivaling those provided by neighboring countries: Austria, France and Switzerland.

Ski resorts can be divided into four geographical areas. Ski in Italy Turin’s western Piedmont region until, most resorts are inclunse in Bardonechia, Sauze d’Oulx and Sestriere.
To the north, the Aosta Valley with its main resorts, and Cervinia, Courmayeur and La Thuile, to which can be easily reached from France (via Mont Blanc) or in Switzerland (via St. Bernard).
In the east, the region located along the border with Switzerland is isolated, its winding roads can be dangerous in inclement weather. Beautiful landscape of the Dolomites is impressive, contributing to placing resorts in the area – including listing: Cortina D’Ampezzo, Madonna di Campiglio and Selva / Sella Ronda – the first places in the top ski destinations in Italy. Winter sports can be practiced in the center of Italy, in resorts such as Abetone (Tuscany), Campo Emperor (Abruzzo) and even down to Mount Etna in Sicily.

Ski in Italy offers many options for skiing. There are areas where you can Ski in Italy directly into another country, duty-free ski areas, ski areas and ski all year just for the summer. Northwest Italy is one of the best choices for ski vacations. Ski resorts here are not as famous as those in Switzerland or Austria, but have a special charm. Skiing in Italy is definitely a memorable experience.

Cortina D’Ampezzo Ski in Italy

Cortina is situated in the center of D’Ampezzo in the Dolomites Vella and is part of the ski paradise called Dolomiti Superski systems featuring 12 ski slope comprising 1180 km and 464 transport cable. In Cortina d’Ampezzo is on three sides offering skiing slopes of varying degrees of difficulty on a difference between 1224 m and 3243 m. The resort’s sports center in the lift reached the third ski area (Tofana) with slopes Ski in Italy of varying degrees of difficulty. Can be reached at Step Falzarego where you can take the cable car to the top Lagazuoi (2750m alt.) Gate in 4 of the 12 systems that come in Dolomiti Superski subscription.
The resort is the most exclusive and most expensive resort, and here are first class hotels and shops, the resort is a mix between classic and modern.

This city hosted the 1956 Winter Olympics.

Ski season begins in November and continue until April. You have the 120 km ski track, crossed by 51 lifts: 6 cable cars, chairlifts and 16 ski lifts 29. 90% of slopes covered with artificial snow, so probably enjoy a resort during the season so great.

Besides skiing, it can practice ski, hiking, sledding, bob, curling, ice-climbing and snow rafting. Skating. For relaxation there is the indoor swimming pools, ice bowling, tennis, spa and wellness. Nightlife is very active.

Livigno Ski in Italy

Livigno is a town in the Alps region of Lombardy. From a small town, has become a world class resort.

The high altitude makes the snow to be Ski in Italy the safest in Europe and can ski to the village.

Although it is one of the most remote regions of Italy skiing at the same time, one of the preferred destinations by tourists due to diverse network of trails, located at an altitude of 1816-2798 m.

The 3 lifts, 14 chairlifts, 16 ski lifts serving 116 km network of trails, 5 part black, 35 red slopes, 21 blue slopes.

The longest and also the most difficult part is “Vetta Blessacia” with a length of 4.8 km and a difference of about 1000 m and has a snowpark with half-pipe and ski-jump.

Livigno is an area “tax free”, so there are many products at low prices: the price of fuel is 50% lower than the rest of Italy, and drinks, cigarettes, perfumes, electrical have greatly reduced prices.

This destination offers many opportunities for Ski in Italy: skating, indoor pool, sauna, horse sleds, tennis, bar, of course many restaurants and pizzerias.

Falcade Ski in Italy

In Falcade you can find 80 km of trails with different difficulty levels served by 10 ski lifts with capacity of 10,653 passengers traansport / ora.cel highest lift reaching 2430 m altitude. In resort there are 27 km of trail for cross country.

All tracks are 100% equipped with snow cannons. Most runs are intermediate level. Here we find the longest trail of 12 km, called “ski lovers.” A unique carousel, 1 day “Skitour dell’Amore”, served with side plates for quick installation and restaurentele love. Also Ski in Italy in Falcade find babyclubul “Le Buse” and snowpark “Le Buse,” opened in season 2005/2006. Ski center with 8 km of trails, located downtown, offers trails illuminated.

Bardonecchia Ski in Italy

Bardonecchia in 2006 was host all snowboard competitions in the Olympic Games. This resort is located in the Piedmont region, near Turin, on the border with France
The resort is situated at 1312 m altitude and has around 140 km of slopes served by 21 lifts that have the capacity to carry about 23 850 person / hour. Part of number is 49.

Bardonecchia was one of the top Ski in Italy. In Bardonecchia most slopes are oriented N / NV, (south-facing slopes are sunny).
Can skia in three areas: Melezet, Jaffer and Campo Smith.
The resort itself is at 1312 m altitude skiing but extends to 2800 m to Jaffer. Very good skiing for advanced skiers, with especially good for advanced skiers, medium abilities beginners and experts.
Of the over 100 km of trails, most are for intermediate skiers.
The main part that addresses beginner skiers are the smallest of the Campo Smith ski prtin Melezet integrally related to elevators
Snow cannons ensure good snow coverage at the start and end of ski season.
The freestylers can enjoy the challenges of the Olympic Park, Melezet.
In the bus there is a free service, so you take five minutes to get to the Campo Smith Jaffer, where slopes are slightly more difficult.

Bardonecchia is an excellent choice for its restaurants serving delicious pasta dishes and various local specialties. Bars here are lively on weekends.
There are two airports, just two hours drive.

Sauze d’Oulx Ski in Italy

It is one of the most important resorts in the circuit path Lattea (Milky Way) which is linked by ski-lift. Sauze d’Oulx resort is located on the border with France.

With access to over 400 km of slopes, the resort is excellent for skiers of all levels of training. Sauze d’Oulx provides mainly intermediate slopes for skiers, advanced skiers there is a connection to Sestriere and easy black slopes (high difficulty) from the top of Mount Motta and Mount Sises.

Most upper in Sauze d’Oulx not too long, but not so wide and difficult deschise.Ele. The “Gran Pista” is a downhill slope at 650 m level difference. Introduce short steep sections, curved but flat portions.
No.29 slope is similar, but easier. Start the Capannori Mollino, crosses through the center of Clotes and reach Sauze.

In addition to snowboarding is well represented here, becoming increasingly popular. Sauze d’Oulx has 90 km of ski slopes with artificial snow (with more than 1,000 snow guns). In the area there are ski and snowboard school, ski instructors are excellent English speakers.

The resort offers a blend of old and new, with charming medieval buildings juxtaposed between modern restaurants, bars and hotels.

Sestriere Ski in Italy

Sestriere ski area is star Vialattea and resort with the highest altitude – 2823 m. The slopes are ordering NV, thus ensuring natural snow throughout the ski season. Part 5 of the 45 are black, 20 red and 20 blue. The longest trail is 5 km. Sestriere is the resort champions, but not only. Skiers are here slopes for all levels of difficulty. Although Sestriere is considered the most “black” in Vialattea, Manov area is reserved entirely for beginners. The most famous trail is the night “Giovanni Alberto Agnelli”. The adventurous can try and heliskiing.
Avansatii can choose to rise Motta, the highest point and the steep descent Vialattea or try on the World Cup “Kandahar”.
Agreaza snowboarders certainly slopes than natural snow, but this can create problems beginners lifts. Ski 10 km of tracks are provided, more easy. Although the slopes are not crowded during the week, the situation changed drastically over the weekend when the resort is assaulted by skiers in Milan and Turin.
Apres-ski: cinema, riding, bowling, paragliding, skating, paragliding, heli-skiing, sauna and fitness center.

Valdaora Ski in Italy

Valdaora is a location in Trentino, famous as a tourist destination both in winter and summer. Ski slopes is the largest area Plan de Corones, more than 90 km and starts at an altitude of 2275 meters.

Ski area includes 14 gondolas, 8 chairlifts and ski lift nine sites that serve a wide network of slopes, some more difficult, others easier. Varying degrees of difficulty of slopes is that they are accessible to all levels of skiers training.

Ski season begins in December and ends in the spring. He is supported by a modern facility that provides artificial snow on snow near the rich, taking into account the sun or shade the different ski slopes.

Valdaora is a tourist destination for all those wishing to join a sport holiday relaxation.

For those who want to spend winter holidays in Valdaora tourism offer is wide, here can be practical: alpine skiing, nordic skiing, snowboarding, skating and sleighing.
Ski resort Plan de Corones is very famous in Italy and offers families the opportunity to enjoy the ski season.
The facilities are excellent and diverse, allowing tourists to spend a holiday in one of the most beautiful mountain areas. DinValdaora not missing: discos, restaurants, pubs and pizzerias Ski in Italy.

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