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Ski and Snowboard Travel InsuranceAll About Travelling
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Ski and Snowboard Travel Insurance

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Ski and Snowboard Travel Insurance

Ski and Snowboard Travel Insurance


Following numerous requests from the past, All About Travelling provides a new service: special insurance for ski and snowboard “Sport & Fun”! We all know that travel medical insurance is concluded for a limited time, and covers emergency treatment necessary as a result of uncontrollable and unpredictable events during the trip. However, they exclude, in general, events related to the practice of high risk activities, such as extreme sports.

Ski and Snowboard Travel Insurance


To cover these risks All About Travelling allows you to travel medical insurance dedicated to these sports. Insurance policies can be completed online, being offered by the company QBE Insurance.

Before going abroad in a skiing holiday, end of insurance is more important than any other trip, especially because of dangerous situations where you may be exposed on the slopes. From previous years experience we find that many skiers go to ski without having previously completed an adequate medical travel insurance.



To understand the necessity to end such insurance, but also that costs rise even a small intervention, will present the following specific case study:

“A skier who just spent his holidays in Austria ski the slopes fell and suffered a cartilage tear. Initially, it was thought that can be transported in the country, but the Austrian doctor has not taken responsibility and eventually surgery took place in Austria. ”

Unfortunately skier in our example has a special medical travel insurance, so he had to bear all costs of medical treatment. To be able to provide a clear picture of health care costs in Austria will present actual data. They are:

  • Costs of surgery – 6000-9000 Euro
  • One day of hospitalization – 300-400 Euro
  • A visit to the doctor’s office – 200-300 Euro
  • Evacuation by helicopter – 2000-3000 Euro

Thus, All About Travelling introduced to protect skiers and lovers of extreme sports of skiing and snowboarding insurance special. This can be included in the stay of skiing, but can be purchased separately.

You can choose between two types of  Travel Insurance:

Special travel insurance for ski and snowboard “White Sports”:

  • Euro 45,000 sum insured
  • No age limit
  • Up to 18 years people can choose to pay half the sum insured first half
  • Ensuring accidents, death and permanent disability or partial value of 7,000 euros;
  • Insurance in case of accident deaths in Romania (eg if the insured leaves the trip by car to leave the country suffers an accident);
  • Be sure and foreigners, provided they do not travel in the country of origin;
  • Visiting the sick by a person in Romania (4 nights);
  • Settlement of telephone conversations;
  • Extended stay abroad of 4 nights;
  • Transport the child back home;
  • Return to their country before the initial period due to an unexpected event in the family party;
  • Late arrival of luggage;
  • Granting a loan in foreign currency;
  • Providing luggage including sports equipment (for an extended insurance for sports);
  • Restoration of travel documents.

Special insurance for ski and snowboard “Active + Sports” includes all the above, but these sports practiced as a hobby:
Swimming, tennis, basketball, football, volleyball and other sports also light, climbing, diving to 40 meters deep, cycling (for all sports is limited to the sum insured maximum 22,500 Euro)

Finally, we can only tell you not to be tributary to an old concept and make sure! It sucks to get hit, but it sucks even more to pay!

About QBE Travel Insurance

QBE Romania was founded in 2007 as a branch of the insurance company QBE Insurance (Europe) Limited in the UK, part of the Australian insurance group QBE with over 13,000 employees in 49 countries and over 120 years experience in insurance, as well one of the largest insurance and reinsurance groups in the world. For more information please visit our website Travel Insurance.

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