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Sherlock Holmes Museum

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Sherlock Holmes Museum

In London of 1878, is bordered by palaces and homes insalubrele booths and bourgeoisie are lost in the streets demanding the myriad of vendors, sweeper, florărese and street children, the energetic sound of a city in transformation. Above the central boulevards and parks, gray smoke of factories in the suburbs cling to the lost and dark clouds aristocratic atmosphere of Victorian society. The line between poverty and wealth, morality and vice thinning gradually lost in the fog on the banks of the Thames. Crimes are fast accomplishing, victims seek help, clues are lost in the labyrinth of London, police endeavors, powerless, to keep up with criminals. At this time, his reputation has unequaled: Sherlock Holmes – the first detective consultant.

The most famous address in the world is marked by brown brick wall of a building in 1815: Baker Street nr.221b, London. Here, in 1990 opened the first museum of imaginary literary character, Sherlock Holmes famous hero of the stories of Arthur Conan Doyle. A so successful they were in the late 19th century adventures of private detective and collaborator with his friend Dr. Watson, Holmes’s existence that would not be questioned by its fans everywhere. World fame brings hundreds of thousands of visitors to the memorial house of the long street Baker and souvenir shop next door. Museum recently joined the list of London sights, and daily or simply curious groups of fans expected to visit the three floors of old buildings.

A “Bobby” (is the name given to police London, famous for their black helmets) welcomes you with authentic look into the museum, you know when you can come and remember your smile. Bleached cloth coat, large silver buttons and belt buckle leather discreetly announces thin end of the 19th century atmosphere that you will find everything you’ll see soon-to nr.221 b comes from those days.

The house was arranged as described in Doyle’s stories after original drawings made at the time of publication of texts by Sidney Paget’s famous and remember objects inside Victorian homes, medical practices and police work in the years 1880-1910. The design, careful and original than anticariatului authenticity, in fact, translate into tangible reality house sherlockiană fictional world, and once you enter, you feel that the next moment, the two friends co-tenant will return home after having solved together another case of their fame famous and profitable, and will sit on chairs in the living room for relaxation and discussion. Clothes hang on racks near the front door, letters and papers are piled up in support of fine brass floor wall. Narrow hallway connecting the stairs three floors, each with two bedrooms narrow and high.

The first floor of a room, living room, the busy street to through some large windows, eating a light quiet. In front of the fireplace lit, two armchairs, a round table held in the middle, only better support for hats Holmes and Watson, for large pipe and magnifying the detective not fall off any moment. His violin is silent on a side chair, quietly taking a pot heat the fire wall fireplace. The cabinet joined flock bottles, jars and containers with chemicals, ready to be mixed by Holmes in a new formula or to be checked for a bold new hypothesis.

On the left, an elegant scriptoriu gathers all sorts of interesting newspaper with news, books, notes, a stylus pen and two linen, a surgical kit, a sniper, an hourglass, books again. The office chair, another complete medical kit is wide open, as for an emergency operation.

Near one of the windows, Mrs. Hudson, one in which Sherlock Holmes and Watson have rented their rooms, he set the table and lit candles for lunch or dinner.

A large door to the bedroom gives Sherlock Holmes. Arranged modest, this room talking about her master the simple bed, a suitcase prepared for any unexpected departure, table and left open the book most interesting paragraph, thick volumes filled closet, police lamp with figures and photographs of offenders caught by fierce detective.

On a small chest, Pomezia kit and colored powders recalls Detective talent for disguise, absolutely necessary before feverish search through London underworld.

Watson’s bedroom from the second floor, guess the presence of a passion for medicine, biology and exotic travel. Ensure the artistic paintings collection of medical journals and related medical parts, including an early device for measuring blood pressure.

Chamber second floor includes a number of interesting objects directly detached tabs books about Sherlock Holmes: a revolver hidden in a Bible, a cut finger, a blunt weapon, a piece of a wall with a bloody fingerprint, a mask, a pair of gloves, old photographs, guns, even the book on beekeeping, including Detective learn about the occupation of which was to occupy the time after retirement.

Among other things, a bust of Sherlock Holmes watches from a corner of this great personal inventory and time. And a small office, book of honor of the museum invites you to leave written some thoughts or even a signature and a time for solidarity with the world they live on sherlockian.

An exhibition of character-model was meticulously arranged in the last two rooms of the museum, 3rd floor, to be played in a few scenes from the books and expressive.Sherlock Holmes and Watson, a huge black dog head (remember the ferocious dog Baskerville?), A beggar, a victim of a snake, a shooting battle, a brown paper filling a royal scandal, all visitors a cause last effort of imagination in the style of Conan Doyle.

Descending the stairs to exit his home after you become familiar and the great impression that you know well on Sherlock Holmes, you decide to proofread or read all books about his adventures. In the cozy store with the same Victorian style trim, complete volumes of Conan Doyle’s work covers turn red with their shelves full. Hats, badges, statues, paintings, cards, pins, tubes, magnifying glasses, decorations are just some of the souvenirs on hand for collectors enthusiasts.

Brilliant intelligence, spirit of observation extraordinary passion for unraveling the mysteries will forever define the complex character of Sherlock Holmes. And, similarly, his pipe, magnifying glass and hat its unmistakable silhouette match wherever it looms: a thrilling description of a scene from the book, a magazine picture or a movie production.
Surely, Sherlock Holmes solves the case and saves entangled innocent victim or suspect. London and Europe have their greatest detective of their time. Heated living room fireplace, you can hear his voice penetrating: “Elementary, Watson, elementary.”The mystery has been elucidated.

♣ actually there nr.221 b Baker Street …
♣ museum tickets (£ 6 for adults) to buy the gift shop next door.
♣ hard to believe, but mail from 221b Baker Street, Sherlock Holmes receives between 40 and 100 letters a week, so the museum staff answer a variety of correspondence: applications consulting, wedding invitations, greeting cards, postcards, invitations toconferences.
♣ a block from Baker Street in the south edge of Regent Park, opened in 1835 a museum of wax figures, today famous “Madame Tussaud’s”. One of the first metro stations opened in 1863 throughout the world on str.Baker and after the last recent restoration of the interior ground, a wall-tile figure comes great detective.
♣ a second Sherlock Holmes museum is located in Switzerland, the city of Meiringen, located within walking distance of Niagara Reinchenbach. Here, Conan Doyle and his family stayed several times. But the most important aspect is the cascading waters because they will fall Sherlock Holmes, after a fierce battle with his enemy, Moriarty.Every May 4, members of Sherlock Holmes societies around the world come to the waterfall, to commemorate the tragic moment.
♣ Another famous collection, the largest in the world, belongs to the University of Minnesota Library: Over 15,000 original items related to Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes.
♣ Bobby or Peeler name refers to the London police and nicknames link to Sir Robert Peel, who will set up the Metropolitan Police in 1829.
Sherlock Holmes
♣ numerous companies in the world, only in Japan are over 25!

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