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San Alfonso del Mar Resort Has the Largest Swimming Pool in the WorldAll About Travelling
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San Alfonso del Mar Resort Has the Largest Swimming Pool in the World

May, 24 || No Comments |

The world’s largest swimming pool in San Alfonso is Del Mar, Chile, and was registered in Guinness Book of Records due to its size.

The pool has a length of 910 meters, covers an area of ​​over 8 hectares, has a depth of 35 meters and a volume of 249 million liters of water. In its construction were invested £ 1 million on Tuesday.

Its size totals 6,000 as standard pool together and require maintenance to 2 million pounds annually. Pool building, designed by Crystal Lagoons Corporation, spread over five years.

The pool also has a water recirculation system which clean and treated water is introduced into the ocean while swimming in dirty water is taken out through another exit.

The pool is controlled by a computer which, through a large part of the flush and the other side, one into the sea. The Sun warms to 26 degrees, 9 degrees warmer than the sea temperature.

This monster pool uses a suction system and automatic filter to keep fresh seawater in permanent circulation, the ocean absorbs it through one end and pumping it back at the other end. Advanced technology allows an extremely low use of chemicals.

“Thus, as long as we have unlimited seawater, we can make it work, without prejudice to the ocean” Chilean biochemist Fernando Fischmann said, whose company built the pool.

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