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Safest ski slopes in the World for beginnersAll About Travelling
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Safest ski slopes in the World for beginners

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Absolute beginners, neophytes excited, caring parents, children restless and prone to accidents, or simply you who put your skis for the first time in his feet, shaken by stories goaza with broken bones, knees messed, bad sprains or deep bruises … All your fears have vanished! Here you go, carefree, and slide the safest beautiful ski slopes in the world. If you have money to get there, the better.

Wengen, Switzerland

Hidden behind the majestic northern slope of Mount Eiger, Wengen features a incredibly beautiful natural setting. Who was there, know what I mean. This destination is famous worldwide for its skiing conditions offered to the whole family. The standard is very high in all puctele view. After all, we are in Switzerland. Besides skiing, the resort offers many safe alternatives to entertainment, from which you can choose not only the wonderful memories and nostalgia. If you stay here, about a week, you get a chance to try them all. The slides on snow, up to a race in the biggest funicular in Europe.

Tignes, France

Here we arrived at the ski slope recommended for … women worldwide. It is found in France, and if you have not found a mate, you can come here to “hunt”. How would it be luck, considering that this slope is considered as the unofficial “Capital of Europe Lesbian Winter”! After all, who says that winter is for skiing? Concept slope was particularly women, taking into account that part of physiognomy and positioning a woman during skiing, is significantly different from that of a man.

Soldeu, Andorra

One of the smallest countries in the world benefiting, seems to compensate for some of the smoothest and “mild” ski slopes in the world. And that even though Andorra is located in the middle of steep and rocky mountain chain of the Pyrenees. Soldeu has two huge part designed exclusively for children and ski instructors are friendly and all speak English. Nearby are also trails with varying degrees of difficulty, so if you want your child safe, but you want at the same time, dynamic skiing and in his student years, you have nowhere to place. The weather is very sunny for a mountain resort (in fact, translates from Catalan Soldeu “sun god”). Bonus: nightlife here is simply incredible and Soldeu is duty free zone regime, so prices are cheap on all products!

Poiana Brasov, Romania

Recognize hand on heart, I have included in this list Poiana Brasov, more of patriotism than the belief that this party is safe for children, the elderly, women and beginners. Unfortunately, we all know “fauna” local: diverse individuals entering the ski slope to give the plastic sheets, caps toilets and even breasts or who knows what demons improvised. Obviously, therefore, accidents – some serious – are not rare, so you should make sure than the chosen place. Among the advantages that we mention in our home area is relatively easy to achieve and is located near beautiful Bran Castle, which foreigners want to believe it at all costs of Dracula … You have so much care!

Lech, Austria

Lech is, by definition, classic mountain resort in the Austrian Alps. Features a picturesque village, nice hotels and famous ski slopes, where you can find many monitors who speak English. Hotel in Lech and Mondana is owned by multiple champion and Olympic gold medalist Patrick Ortlieb. Ski school to offer courses at a price of 167 euros for adults and 154 euros for children.

Killington, USA

Considered by experts as the safest ski slope on the North American continent and one of the most appreciated worldwide, Killington offers unforgettable sensations conditions. It is located in New England and provide suitable skiing slopes and valleys in line as safe conditions. Killington features a Discovery Center, where beginners are first in skiing secrets. At first you are shown all perticularitatile and benefits of the equipment, which are put to ski on a video simulator and only after this etapte compulsory allow them to go out on the slopes. Note: most of the time, here is terribly cold …

Cortina, Italy

If not perfect skiing conditions, deserve to come here is overwhelming view of the Dolomites and the profile of the sharp blue sky sunny winter mornings in Cortina. The resort offers some of the best beginner slopes in the world. It is already famous in Socrapes slope where there is skiing Monitors degree in teaching skiing for children. If you tired, you can admire the panorama charming, cozy place in heat one of the many bars nearby cottage.

Bansko, Bulgaria

Bulgarian neighbors rightly boast that Bansko is not only a famous winter resort in the world, but a part of world heritage, the entire area receiving the title of World Heritage Site. Bansko has a modern ski lifts and cable cars plant and natural conditions very suitable for those who put their skis for the first time up. Among the most popular trails, like one intermediate in which over 16 km continuous slip, descending from an altitude of 2560 meters, up to a fixed base situated on the slope above the sea level 935 meters. Worth, right?

Les Arcs, France

Hailed as the best beginner ski destination in the world, Les Arcs has easy and safe side, near each hotel or resort cabin. Has a difficult slope zero, plus a range of intermediate slopes, so almost no feel to advance your skiing secrets. Besides these natural avanataje unprecedented elsewhere, ski school in Les Arcs and monitors for years are unrivaled winners of the prestigious Brit-run New Generation, the highest distinction granted ski schools.

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