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Pet travel airlinesAll About Travelling
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Pet travel airlines

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Pet travel airlines

It is now easy to take your pet with you when traveling from one EU country to another. For cats, dogs and ferrets, there is a harmonized European legislation for most EU countries, so all you need to do is make sure your pet:

  • vaccinated with rabies vaccine is available;
  • an electronic transponder or readable tattoo;
  • has a pet passport can be issued by your veterinarian.

Pet travel airlines

To enter Ireland, Malta, Sweden and the UK need an additional test to confirm that the rabies vaccination was effective. Also, you may need treatment against ticks and tapeworm.

You can use the pet passport when traveling to or from one of the neighboring countries where the rabies status in the EU is the same (ie, is considered under control). These countries are: Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland and Vatican City.

Before transporting your pet, the Commission recommends that you always consult your veterinarian about the country of destination and individual circumstances.

For all other animals, except cats, dogs and ferrets, to apply national legislation of each Member State separately.

Pet travel airlines on board:

If you want to make a journey by plane and want to carry your pet is essential to notify the airline before booking a ticket.
Airlines have different conditions for travel with pets, but generally require you to:

  • make sure the animal is in a secure box or cage;
  • make sure you have all the necessary vaccines, certificates and entry permits for the country to which travel;
  • make sure the animal is comfortable, has enough space in the cage and its box and has enough food and / or water for the entire trip.

Meanwhile, there were some changes:

On October 8, 2007, the European Commission adopted a report to Parliament and the Council on non-commercial movement of pet animals and EU destination.
Additional information: Additional information


Pet travel airlines documents required transport:

Passenger who is accompanied by an animal is asked to prezeinte Publican following documents:
an international travel passport (issued by the veterinarian’s office to which it belongs);
the animal-health card;
-rabies medical certificate;
-the animal must have a special chip or a tattoo for identification;
an act to prove that is vaccine and the analyzes to date, in accordance with the requirements for access to the country of destination.

Pet travel airlines costs:

Animal transport costs can vary from one country to another and different methods of transport. However, the veterinarian will have to pay a fee for pet passport and any necessary treatment.
For example, airlines have different ways of charging for transporting animals. Some require you to pay fees for “excess baggage” (ie, 20 per kilogram). Others will have a flat fee, such as 50 euros per flight.

Restrictions for pet travel airlines:

  1. For domestic flights, only one animal allowed to carry baggage on race. On aircraft F100, F50 and F70 are not allowed animals in winter (during November 1 to March 31) holds because not equipped with heating system.
  2. In the United Kingdom are not allowed pets. Exceptions are certified guide dogs accompanying a disabled person, though it only between Amsterdam and London Heathrow on KLM flights.
  3. Saudi Arabia is not accepted any pet, without the Saudi authorities. Exceptions are guard dogs and the attendants.
  4. Four. For destination Lima (Peru) cats are not allowed.
  5. For flights in China is accepted only one animal per passenger, whether or transported in the hold.
  6. Air Kenya Airways does not accept pets for any flight.
  7. Hawaii destination is not supported for the transport of animals in the cabin.
  8. If you have to change planes at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport, France, is good to know that it required a transfer of at least two hours. Both animal and cage are labeled only to Paris CDG. We need to take the animal to feed and then pass through the checkpoint again for zobrul CDG connection. This applies only Air France and KLM Pet travel airlines.
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