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The six most beautiful National Parks in Europe

From the hills, glacial waterfalls and unexplored virgin mountains, all green spaces can befound in cities outside Europe National Parks. Where? In national parks! Here are some of the most beautiful natural reservations in Europe. ...read more.

Travel Europe by Train

Travel Europe by Train Even now, after elimination of visas for most European countries, traveling abroad is still relatively less accessible to the average. "How much money?" is the question that immediately comes to your mind when y...read more.

Portugal Travel Guide

Portugal Travel Guide Portugal, a country situated in the southwest of Europe, Iberian Peninsula, bordering the Atlantic Ocean in the west and with Spain in north and east. It also includes two groups of islands in the Atlantic: the A...read more.

Travel to Florida, USA

Travel to Florida, USA Florida is one of the constituent states of the United States of America, located in the southeast of them. Was given its name by explorer Juan Ponce de Leon spaniel, who arrived on the coast of the peninsula in...read more.

History of Peru, South America

History of Peru, South America Some of the civilizations of Peru are: Nazca, Wari, Mocha, Caral, Chimu, Tiahuanaco, Chavin, Paracas. They were followed by the powerful city-states, such as Sipan, Cajamarca, and Chancay, and two empire...read more.

History of Portugal

Declared kingdom by Alphonso in 1139 and recognized by the Pope in 1179, Portugal's independence took place in the twelfth century, although its tribal roots extend beyond Roman times. Portugal borders as they are today have remained u...read more.

History of Canada

Before Europeans arrived in Canada, the area was inhabited by various populations who came from Asia via the Bering Strait over 10,000 years ago ago. Vikings arrived in Canada around 1000 AD Their arrival is described in Icelandic stor...read more.

Travel to Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo  is the capital of Japan and its largest city, with 12,064,101 inhabitants (2002), about 10% of the population. The city is situated in the middle of the main island of the archipelago Japanese Honshu. Here is the headquarters of...read more.

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