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What not to miss during a short trip to Barcelona

Day 1. Walk along Las Ramblas. The city of Barcelona has several bus stations, a high speed train and an airport. After arriving to the city, spend the afternoon exploring the city's many cultural landmarks. Walk along the Las Rambl...read more.

Travel Guide to Poland

Travel and music are pretty much one and the same thing to me. Every trip has an album or a song that becomes more the adventure than the adventure itself. When I went to Paris it was Stars, when I went to Mauritius it was The Jets,...read more.

Top 10 Fastest-Growing Cities in Europe

British tourism industry has recorded a rapid development after four cities have entered the top 10 list for visitors to the fastest growing. Glasgow (sixth place), Manchester (seventh), Belfast (eighth place) and Liverpool (tenth plac...read more.

Top 10 most dangerous mountains in the world

Mountains should not be treated in play. Despite their beauty, mountains hide deadly dangers even for the best climbers. Even our Carpathians, not giddy heights can be dangerous and deadly traps for those who scorn the mysteries of Iro...read more.

Extreme experiences around the World

Are you fond of experiences and emotions? Drag breath and find 10 extreme experiences, guaranteed, will raise adrenaline. 10. At the edge of space in Russia Undoubtedly, the experience of "supreme" for "junkies" of adrenaline ima...read more.

10 proposals for a holiday bag

Even in the high-tech world and our increasingly artificial million ants toiling daydreams to holiday days which will venture into the wider world equipped only with rear bag and airline tickets. Adventure, freedom, unexpected and even...read more.

Top Zoos in Europe

Moscow Zoo Rightly considered the largest and most important Russian zoo, zoo Boulevard back Gruzinskaia has a troubled history, the location is, currently, one of the most popular establishments of its kind in the world. It was found...read more.

Buenos Aires Travel Guide

With its wide boulevards, green parks, imposing buildings, diverse culture and a lively nightlife, Buenos Aires is reminiscent of Paris or Barcelona. This is not surprising: most people are descendants of European immigrants who settle...read more.

Most beautiful beaches in the World

Most beautiful beaches in the World Lagoons which exceed in splendor on the films, beautiful beaches, golden sands of sun tropics, turquoise waves, sunset and sunrise in unreal colors, landscapes which were not invented yet for comp...read more.

Côte d’Azur, France

Côte dAzur Côte dAzur is administratively included in the region Provence-Alpes-Côte dAzur and in turn is divided into six departments. The great advantage of this region has always been the spectacular natural beauty. Alps Côte dAzur...read more.

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