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Norway's attractionsAll About Travelling
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Norway’s attractions

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Museums and exhibitions

Norway offers a wide variety of museums and exhibitions for all tastes. Many outdoor museums are really old buildings that have been preserved for posterity. Indoor museums range from large national museums to tiny museums specializing in a particular area.
Often, museums offer special temporary exhibitions or activities each day, the public can participate. Across the country there are art galleries, artists presenting traditional works as well as experimental works.

Tourist attractions

Norway has lots of beautiful churches, many built of stone. But of course the most common are the wooden churches. There are also a number of fortresses, especially in big cities. Norway has few castles in the true sense of the word, but has many great mansions. (“Castles” of Norwegian folk tales were probably the large houses of wealthy farmers).
Most historic buildings can be visited, but their program can vary greatly from one another. You may want to see the place where the Norwegian Constitution was signed or the native house of a famous writer. May want to explore a house or a Viking site of the Second World War. Search everywhere go local tourist information. You may accidentally give more than an interesting place where you would not think!
Norway has endless vistas, breathtaking landscapes. Mountainous regions and large plates full of magnificent peaks. Fjords that were formed together with the withdrawal of the glaciers are among the most spectacular scenery in the world.
Eastern region of Norway and Trøndelag have vast forests, while the shores of southwest and far north offers long sandy beaches. Norway is a country of rivers, streams and impressive waterfalls, which made it famous worldwide. Twenty-one national park offers nature lovers can admire the wild landscapes. White caps of the glaciers can be seen among the mountains, especially in western and northern regions of the country.
For animal lovers, organized numerous “safari” to photograph elk, oxen, musk, whales, beavers and eagles. Norway’s ornithological wealth makes it an ideal place for bird lovers.

Popular tourist routes

Fjords and mountains
We recommend a 10-day trip around the fjords and valleys wonderful. Among the attractions are romantic Setesdal and roads winding between Haukeil and Hardanger. Mountains between the splendid Hardangerfjord can cross the historic city of Bergen and between Bergen and Sognefjord impressive.

Western Cape
A route that you like. Hamar and Lake Mjøsa. Lillehammer, the venue of the 1994 Winter Olympics. Gudbrandsdalen, one of the most beautiful valleys in Norway. Vague and Lom with their medieval wooden churches. Breathtaking beauty of the road to Geiranger. Include a deviation from the route up to Dalsnibba, located at 1494 meters above sea level. A ferry trip on the famous Geirangerfjord. The trip takes less than one week

Mountain Trail
Highlights on this route include: Kongsberg with its old silver mines. The wooden churches from Numedal. Open Air Museum at Fagernes. The road through Jotunheimen, which ascends to 1389 meters above sea level. I highly recommend a boat trip on Lake Gjende. Book a week for this route.

South Coast and Telemark
A trip along the coast south to Telemark can begin in Oslo, Larvik, Kristiansand, Stavanger and Haugesund. The route follows the coast, from which you can depart to visit the picturesque towns that evoke the maritime atmosphere for your tan on the beach or camping in places. This route may take four days or four weeks, depending on length of stops you make.

Up the fjord
Historic city of Bergen. Narrow winding roads towards the Sognefjord, with panoramic views. Old stone bridge north of Vadheim. Lake Jølster – Take the road south of the Lake Regional, the painter Nicolai Astrup’s house, and go through Fjærland. Våtedal, with its mountain peaks. You need about a week, because there is much to see.

North Cape
On this route you’ll visit Oslo, the capital of Norway. After a few hours drive north you will reach the picturesque Gudbrandsdalen, then Dovrefjell, located at 1026 meters above sea level, the highest point of the route. Then reach Trondheim and its magnificent cathedral. Then, cross the Arctic Circle at an altitude of 692 meters. At the end of the journey you will arrive at North Cape, the northernmost point of mainland Europe. This trip requires at least 10 days.

Helgeland and Lofoten
Car ride along the Helgeland coast has been called the most beautiful in the world. Fourteen days to plan this trip, to visit all targets on track. From Brønnøysund Torghatten towards Mount, with its famous hole in the middle. Or travel by boat to the island Lovunden Stokkvågen with its colonies of seabirds, and lovely Træna. The Seven Sisters Mountains. Nordland stories book opens before your eyes.

Flam and Sognefjorden
Flam is an excellent starting point for excursions in the Sognefjord. In this region you will admire the spectacular views of mountains and fjords in the world. You can spend a few days to explore various attractions.

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