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Norway tourismAll About Travelling
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Norway tourism

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A pleasant and efficient knowledge of a new place and its attractions is to hire a guide for a visit. In Norway there are hundreds of such possibilities, with knowledgeable guides who are eager to share with you their knowledge.
The most common way of sightseeing in large cities is the city tour bus. Because many Norwegian towns are situated on the coast, this ride can be done by boat, on which there is a guide. In several places there are electric trains you walk the streets. They are very popular, especially for children.
Norway is divided into 19 districts (fylke). Norway’s main cities are: Oslo (the capital), Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger, Kristiansand, Drammen, Skien, Tromsø and Molde.

Oslo is Norway’s capital and has 517,401 inhabitants, number that represents 11.4% of the entire population of Norway. The metropolitan area extends to Akershus County and a population of 783,829 people gather (January 2002). Urban settlement (bykommune) Oslo and county namesake (fylke) are one and the same entity, which covers an area of ​​454 km2.

Oslo is located in the Oslo fjord head. Fjord is located in the southern city. The other side of the hills and mountains. There are 40 islands in the territories of the city, the largest being Malmøya (0.56 km ²). Oslo has 343 lakes, the biggest being Maridalsvannet (3.91 km ²). This is the most important source of water. The highest point is Kirkeberget, with 629 m.
Oslo was founded around 1048 AD by King Harald Hardråde. The origin of the name is unclear. Oslo Norway became the chapter during the reign of Håkon V century (1299-1319), the first king who set permanently at Oslo, which also cover Akershus castle construction began. Tâziu a century, Norway has become the poor in a union with Denmark and the importance of the city was reduced to the level of Danish administrative center of power. Oslo University that was founded only in 1811 had an adverse effect on the country’s development.

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