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Meteora Monasteries in GreeceAll About Travelling
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Meteora Monasteries in Greece

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Meteora Monasteries is the second largest and important center of Greek Orthodox monastery after Mount Athos. Holy Meteora rock giants of ancient stands, silent and firm in north-western side Tessaliei near Pinior riverbed between the ridges and Antichassia Koziakas Pindos mountains. Forest cliffs with steep walls and dizzying heights, guardian angels of the city of Kalambaka and Kastraki village, is one of the most impressive phenomena of the planet.

On top of these cliffs blazed fashioned and blessed by God, bold and decisive ascetic monk discovered the way to heaven through sanctification and deification former places. Peaks located between heaven and earth were called “Meteora”, XIV century by St. Athanasius the Great Meteor monastery founder.

The first mention of the Holy Meteora – witness of Christ, the living continuity of the one, Holy, and Apostoleştii Soborniceştii His Church, are lost in the mists of time and traditions. Historical records show the existence of a first ascetic communities in hollow rocks, windy and rain of Meteora, the Hermitage Dopionis at the turn of the eleventh and the twelfth century.

Around the XIV century, St. Athanasius meteor based on the highest rock stone forest, the first chinovie monastic Platihitho Grand or Great Meteor and his typical sets. Since then, 24 monasteries, alongside the existing before, many small monasteries, places ascetic monks, abodes of worship, places of retreat, caves, places of confinement, stâlpnicii scattered all meteoric rocks, are emerging or recover and flourish to the glory of God. XIV century is considered the height of the Meteora monastic settlement.

Of monasteries then existing, some are now in a state of ruin: the Holy Spirit, St. Demetrius, St. Nicholas Padua, St. Anthony, Holy Monastery of Pantocrator, Ipsilotera, St. George Mandilas, Candlemas, Monastery of Our Lady, Doumbiani Hermitage, the Monastery of St. Gregory, St. John the Baptist Monastery, Monastery of St. Modest, Calligraphy Monastery (located on the highest rock). Others are well preserved and exists and is currently a powerful attraction for both pilgrims and tourists from around the world: Great Meteor monastery, monastery Barlaam, Holy Trinity, Rousanou Monastery, Monastery of St. Stephen and St. Nicholas Monastery Anapafsas.
Meteora is totally holy ground, holy place built and guarded by God, because here was consecrated every rock, every cave, every stone, because a lot of pious ascetics and martyrs prayed and were deified on rocks and valleys of this place.

For her Christian testimony, historical, architectural, artistic and geographic, Meteora is recognized and protected by UNESCO and other international organizations. By Law. 2531/11.10.1995 and Case Holy Synod of Greece, Meteora Holy territory was proclaimed in October 1995, “holy place, immutable and inviolable”, which it protects and guarantees its authenticity.

Due to the large number of visitors during religious services of the Meteora monasteries are closed to tourists. Those wishing to attend must notify telephone services abbot allowed to access the site. At the entrance, a plate pilgrim-tourist warns of need for a decent dress.

Given the different visitation schedule and the difficulties of access roads, the pilgrim who wants to see all the holy settlements rain must reserve for this purpose two to three days. In the town of Kalambaka and Kastraki village there are many accommodation possibilities.

Kalambaka town was built on the site Eginio ancient city, famous for its heroic resistance against the Romans. Where is the ancient temple of Apollo, a Byzantine church now stands the store frescoes, inscriptions rare and multicolored marble columns. Kastraki village, very picturesque, with few inhabitants, but their hospitality offering pilgrims all visitors, is the nearest settlement. From here, the view on the cliffs of Meteora monasteries from heaven, leaves a lasting impression.

In Kalambaka and the whole area is a wide variety of Byzantine icon painters made of monks or locals. Worked in different techniques, different materials (silver, gold leaf wooden) icons that two-headed eagle stamp affixed on the back, have guaranteed the quality of work and free passage across the border.

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