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Luxury hotels around the worldAll About Travelling
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Luxury hotels around the World

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Luxury, comfort, age, class, space, cutting edge, whichever words could describe the most demanding political perfect hosts the world – owners of luxury hotels. Designed to meet the most demanding tastes, luxury hotels continue to lead a fight hierarchical, powered by the latest gimmicks of permanent architecture, interior design or technology. Precisely because of this, leaders of the charts is always changing. In this article you’ll meet a few of the representatives of the world, who have kept the specifics deoesebit, even if in the meantime have been overthrown by “young people” coming back to power.

Burj Al Arab, Dubai, United Arab Emirates – luxury height

One of the highest hotel in the world, ranked at seven stars, was built on a completely artificial island, situated at a distance of 280 meters from shore. As expected, was built to be one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, equipped with a generous platform for Rolls Royce cars and a helicopter landing runway, which when not in use, can serve as tennis court … It is true, one in high-rise …

Burj Al Arab is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and is the second building in the world used exclusively as a tall hotel. Structure was first hotel in Pyongyang, North Korea, which is 9 meters high, while Rose Tower, also located in Dubai, becoming the highest hotel in the world with a height of 333 meters.

Conical structure, designed to reflect Dubai’s urban transformation, symbolizes the sails inflated by the wind of a marine craft. Burj al Arab is connected to the mainland by a bridge bent. Hotel construction began in 1994, and architectural design aimed to restore the local as well: a dhow, with specific pot arabesque, whose sails are inflated by the wind eases her journey.

The image of a moving boat symbolizes progress and evolution, positive transformation par excellence. One of the architects involved in the project said the client wanted an iconic building that has become a symbol of Dubai, just as the Eiffel Tower for the Paris Opera House for Sydney. This desire is costing owners ambitious amount of U.S. $ 650 million, but their dream became reality. Increasingly more often, used to associate the image of the avant-garde hotel with Dubai and prosperity and modernism XXI century.

The Palazzo Resort Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, USA – rooms as the eye can see

Las Vegas is famous for its bustling night life, but especially for the thousands of casinos that holds between its walls. A Fata Morgana to gain easy, Las Vegas annually attracts millions of tourists lured by the lights, money and the promise of luxury.

Of all the hotels in the area, Palazzo and Venetian Resort Hotel, which share the license changed in comparison, seem to be the most prepared for these “emergency” that take all year. With a total of 8108 rooms, the hotel Palazzo became the greatest number of rooms in the Western Hemisphere.

Hotel and casino, the Palazzo was built in the spirit of modern European design and is dedicated to, undoubtedly, luxury. In fact, this is perfect im reflect construction costs, which reached U.S. $ 1.8 billion. Although today Palazzo name became more reasonable than the Siamese brother, in reality, the adjacent building was designed as an extension of The Venetian casino and hotel in the suburbs of the original Las Vegas.

Grand Resort Lagonissi, Athens, Greece – luxury is paid

“Crème de la crème” and one of the most expensive hotel complex in Greece, Lagonissi is the one who until recently rented room with the highest price in the world.

As for the hotel industry, a record that begins with “the most expensive …” to change fairly often. Until recently the title was held by the Royal Villa of the spring Lagonissi in Athens, where the price per day is $ 50,000. At present, it was downgraded by another hotel, this time Swiss, who rents the apartment overlooking Lake Geneva particular through windows secured at a price of $ 53,000 per day.

In Greece, the Royal Villa guests enjoy maximum comfort and luxury: marble baths, pool and terrace overlooking the Aegean Sea, a dedicated butler, a cook own, a pianist and a personal atrenor. In fact, luxury is the main theme of the entire resort. This is where wealthy industrialists helicopter lands and the Hollywood stars appear discreetly come out of rented limousines.

Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – in the spirit of old age

Emirates Palace Hotel, opened to the public in 2005, quickly became the most expensive hotel construction, with total costs up to $ 3 billion. Silver, gold and marble were used in the construction of 394 hotel rooms and ornate chandeliers of the 1002 Swarovski crystals. The hotel hosts soccer fields, a large beach, a helicopter and several pools, one of which is a cascade that continues in the form of a river.

Hotel in Abu Dhabi is one of the most luxurious in the Middle East. The tourists are 302 rooms including 92 suites, and the choice is: the garden, pool or ocean. Respect the traditional style rooms royal decorations, in which modern technology has been integrated without making discordant note.

Grand Hyatt, Shanghai, China – the stork nest, an unforgettable view

Grand Hyatt Shanghai is one of the hotels “perched” at the highest elevations, with the supreme advantage of a unique view over the city.

The hotel occupies the upper floors of Jin Mao tower, specifically the area between floors 53 and 87. Located in the heart of Pudong’s, business and financial district of Shanghai, the hotel offers easy access to Shanghai Stock Exchange, the Shanghai World Financial Centre and the International Convention Centre. Moreover, the complex is located just 50 minutes from the main airport.

Like any self-respecting luxury resort, the Grand Hyatt is missing not exclusive spa and fitness club. Each room is “endowed” with an exceptional panorama over the city, which seems to never sleeps. From cozy bed, the guest can trace the winding Huangpu River and skyline bathed in rich colors of sunset.


Grand Hills Hotel and Spa, Beirut, Lebanon – space, comfort, nature

Located in the picturesque hills at a height of 750 meters above sea level, Grand Hills Hotel & Spa shares its mountain grandeur and charm of praise from the golden coast of Beirut.

The hotel was designed in a unique way, which leaves the pattern of luxury hotels which he used to admire in photos or brochures of presentation. Instead of demanding luxury, here you will find a complex designed as a village, where pedestrians have priority at all times. The atmosphere is quiet and friendly hosts regular brand, plus that “art de vivre” that makes luxury rhyme with comfort.

Do not be fooled by the appearance! Five-star hotel has a capacity of 118 rooms and suites, plus 52 suites, 12 restaurants and bars, a nightclub and of course, a spa complex. Otherwise, fountains, water courses and waterfalls that discrete sun shine in and around balconies covered with flowers, vegetation and small trails invite you for a walk in nature.

With all this enchanting atmosphere, the complex houses the world’s largest hotel room in the Royal Suite, which spans six stories tall. For the creators of this space, the hotel is the ultimate proof that luxury, comfort and nature can live together in the same space, without ever harm the power or beauty.

Icehotel, Jukkaskarvi, Sweden – arts in an ice cube

We used the hotel you choose to spend the winter to give us facilities “sine qua non”, among which, of course, and heat. However, some brilliant minds have thought to create a hotel only in ice, and so curious, nonconforming use of the material of construction has not kept tourists and the curious at bay.

The cool hotel in the world, the Ice Hotel, is (what else?) In Sweden. The rooms are built entirely of ice and snow and decorated with sculptures and decorative objects created manually. Obviously, the ice. To maintain the entire building, temperatures vary between five and eight degrees.

If we can say about other hotels that are open between certain times, we can say about the ice hotel that there are certain times of the year. It opens in December and “melted” in April of each year. In fact, construction is resumed in each year, while spring is broken, and ice and a lot of materials are stored in special places, to be reused next year. Ice hotel in Sweden is the first of its kind in the world, even if not the only one.

It was originally designed as exhibition space for art and decorative objects perishable, made of ice. With this opportunity, local accommodation were occupied, and tourists who remained homeless asked permission to sleep in art gallery. From here until the erection of a hotel full of ice (even from bar glasses are made from the same material!) Was not only a step.

 Hoshi Ryokan, Komatsu, Japan – 1,300 years in customer service

The oldest hotel in the world, Hoshi Ryokan, operates more than 1300 years uninterrupted. The settlement opened the gates for the first time in 718 and was kept in the same family for 46 generations.

In the hotel include 100 rooms, the emphasis is on comfort and well being of guests. According to Guinness World Records, along with the title “the oldest hotel in the world”, Hoshi has a unique quality: it is the oldest company, the period of operation in the world, after the main competitor, Kongo Gumi, closed in 2006 .

An old Japanese legend tries to explain the miracle of existence for over 1300 years of human construction, in the spirit of Japanese wisdom. It is said that a great teacher Buddhist Taicho Daishi, was isolated on a mountain where he lived immersed in mediation. One night, Hakusan deity appeared to him in dream and sent the 20 kilometers of the mountain is a village called Awazu. There, you find a hot thermal spring that has healing powers.

Hakusan Village warn that people are not aware of this spring, but if you will discover, it will serve you forever. Taicho descended the mountain and helped the villagers to bring out the treasure state. Patients were then bathed in water and immediately healed. Then Taicho ordered his disciple, Garyo Houshi was construiasaca a spa on the site that lead him on, because all people to enjoy the healing power of spring.

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