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Incredibly Clear Waters of Verzasca RiverAll About Travelling
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Incredibly Clear Waters of Verzasca River

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Verzasca River has a length of 30 kilometers and is famous worldwide because of the color turquoise water.

In the water you’re in another universe, one great, which offers views to the outside world as they actually are. Nothing alters the surface world. That is why many photographers flocked to capture landscapes, as seen from the surface, even reverse, the water inside.

The beauty of nature gives the impression that you have in front of an oil painting or a modern artist. Do not forget that is also near the Alps, which gives the landscape a greater richness.

A crystalline than the Verzasca River in Switzerland in May might not exist. The naked eye can see over 10 meters deep, so he is clear.

In area, rocks vibrant natural jacuzzi formed, where tourists freely indulged.

The site is popular among those who are passionate about diving or bungee jumping.

If water ever brighter images were made by the mountains or bridges, it seems to capture exquisite photographs started bad right from the bottom.

There was even filmed the opening scene of the film “James Bond Golden Eye”, which lasted 7.6 seconds and was a jump from the Verzasca Dam (highest dam in Europe) at 220 meters.

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