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Ice hotelsAll About Travelling
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Ice hotels

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Ice Hotels

Ice hotels

Century engineers make publicly available annual ice hotels in arctic landscapes or domestic, where time seems to freeze too.If you read the stories about crystal palace, maybe you’ll enjoy to know that not only have to travel to the Arctic Circle, to see a modern version of ice hotels.

Some consider it an experience almost primitive, descended from Ice Age, but hotel accommodation such guarantees ice decor for a fantastic winter holiday. If famous ice hotels, two young Scandinavians have decided to offer the world unparalleled attraction. Each year, a unique ice building up in the village is Swedish Jukkasjärvi, 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle.

This way, almost undisturbed in a wild, flowing Torne River. This is the raw material source of clean and unpolluted water is creating the clearest ice for architecture, art and design. With great care and patience, the ice is cut and stored in optimal conditions and snow needed for various parts of the project is done using special machines. Construction became famous ice hotels called world because it offers the chance of remarkable moments. And when you refer to an ice hotels, only takes a moment to dawn summer sun that makes it disappear without trace.

Not only external changes in temperature, but also change the look inside the frozen building. Huge blocks of ice, finished in every detail, unique in their own way up the rooms, richly decorated, where you expect a bed of ice with well-padded sleeping bags. You put a “nightgown” with thermal and surreal scenery around you. Each sculpture, each design element changes its shape continuously, due to interaction between them and the warmth that exudes the residents of each room.

Temperature in the ice hotels

Regardless of minus temperatures outside, in the ice hotels never drops below 8 ° C. Morning when you remove the head of the sheets, you can enjoy breakfast in bed with a hot cranberry tea on the house, lounging on a coat and reindeer in Scandinavian stories. If you prefer a morning sauna, towels are ready prepared. I admit, I have not heard yet how it works with toilets or if you take a warm bath with foam, but you are offers a Turkish bath – hammam.

Each room has something specific, a theme, decorations and art specially for her, often in combinations of ice with spotlights that create fantastic effects. Ice halls are true art galleries, working every year to international teams of artists.

This year, the first time, a chapel was built in the ice hotels, where tourists most excited about the idea they decided to unite their destinies. A happy ending for a love story, or rather a new beginning can happen in this magical setting.

Even if you do not stay overnight, hotels ice is open to visitors, who come to admire the amazing creation of young Swedes. Despite the fact that it is ephemeral, perhaps herein lies the beauty of the ice hotel. Knowing that there will be always at your disposal, enjoy more intense, so the experience itself, the design and always different.

Ice Hotels are equipped as any hotel, restaurant, bar and club. If you can not go to Sweden, at least you can give a round in Tokyo, London, Milan and other capitals, where the ice hotels, along with the company gave birth to Absolut ice bars futuristic and very courtyard.

Ice Hotels in Romania

In recent years, Romania and she was proud of a building on the same principle, an ice hotel in Fagaras mountains, called the Ice Hotel Balea Lac. Although we can not call the palace of crystal, and it is a breathtaking attraction. Not just because it is over 2000 m altitude, but also because the project filmmakers try to turn it into an international brand.

Sometimes, when you finish reading a story, stay with nostalgia those who know that everything was a beautiful idea. Especially admirable are those who do not agree to draw a clear line between fantasy and reality, leaving them to meet in our world and leaving us and us to take part in ice hotels.

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