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Haunted Hotels for Halloween - All About TravellingAll About Travelling
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Haunted Hotels for Halloween

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Now that Halloween is approaching, porches are starting to fill with carved pumpkins, cobwebs are hanging from buildings, and ghosts are ready to take a walk around the neighbourhood. If you dare, stay in one of these hotels… beware, you might not be the only guest staying in your room!


Stanley hotel (Colorado, USA)


Located in the state of Colorado, this hotel is known for its ghostly inhabitants. It is said that the hotel founder and his wife can be seen walking around the lobby, and that a housekeeper who died on the hotel grounds appears in some halls. A set of paranormal incidents in room 217 is what inspired Stephen King to write The Shining. Sounds of music playing can be heard in the deserted banquet hall, and there are several floors where doors close when no one is in the rooms. Make sure to book your haunted hotel in advance in order to stay at the infamous 217 room, where objects are moved by an unknown entity. Another haunted room is room 418, where strange sounds can be heard.


Hotel Chelsea (NY, USA)


Once a place flocks by celebrities, this hotel has a couple of guests who came… and never left. The bassist of the Sex Pistols, Sid Vicious, supposedly assassinated his girlfriend in one of the hotel’s bathroom, and now the girl and the musician wander around the hotel. There have been sightings of authors and poets who lived and died at the hotel in New York, including the resident ghost of room 206, Dylan Marlais Thomas.


Gettysburg Hotel (Pennsylvania, USA)


Another hotel, another ghost. This old mansion was transformed into an inn after the Civil War, and some of the first inhabitants can still be found on one of the floors. It is said that the wandering souls of several soldiers can still be heard and seen on the top floor of the building, and that the spirit of a young woman who was accidentally killed during the battle still appears at the hotel.



Halloween calls for scary hotels (Image source – Wikipedia)


Langham Hotel (London, UK)


A luxurious hotel, an ancient building, a prime location in the center of London… and its own set of ghosts. This hotel, which used to be favoured by Mark Twain and Oscar Wilde, has several ghosts making noises and scaring guests off. Some of the scariest ghosts are a German noble who fell to his death and a mysterious Victorian man. Reports of guests who stayed at the hotel claim to have seen floating orbs and non-corporeal entities floating over them.


Russell Hotel (Sydney, Australia)


It is said that this hotel, located in one of the oldest neighbourhoods of Sydney, is plagued by guests of ill repute. This area, The Rocks, used to be place notorious for its seedy crimes and many crime gangs. Some of the most popular ghosts in the hotel are remnants of the old days: inhabitants of a penal colony established in the area, prostitutes, a sailor from the colonial era in Room 8… Of course, this hotel offers a variety of ghost tours.


Skirrid Mountain Inn (Monthmouthshire, Wales, UK)


Being one of the oldest pubs in Wales, it is not surprising that this establishment has its own set of ghosts. The ground floor used to be the Court of Law and hangings were executed from the beams of the inn. The store room used to be an old holding cell, and many guests have claimed feeling a noose tighten around their necks… There are several benevolent spirits at the property, including a local clergyman and a housekeeper who used to work at the inn.

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