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Food in AustraliaAll About Travelling
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Food in Australia

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Kitchens in many parts of the world can be tasted in Australia, many restaurants with styles and different prices, African, Thai, Italian, Chinese, French, are open to the public offering the best dishes. Australian food items over the one English and is recognized worldwide for its variety and quality differ from all others, and dishes such as fillet steak’s crocodile or kangaroo made of a very special Australian food . Modern Australian cuisine is in continuous development since 1990 and now the best chefs are working hard to attract more clients.

Two Australian cuisine ingredient made from one of the best chefs in the world, the first consists of fresh produce such as meat, seafood and vegetables that exist in the country and can be found in any region, the second is the result of collaboration between kitchens all parts of the world where they arrived immigrants, especially north-European, Mediterranean and Asian, so it can be said that great cooking in Australia is the result of the mixture of ingredients and recipes from many countries.

National cuisine known as “Bush Tucker” (halls of shrubbery), this dish originated in the early days of colonization when the first Europeans settled here and realized that Aborigines did not cultivate the land and this is due to weather in Australia, instead they used to catch turtles, shellfish, fish and dolphins, and other regions catching kangaroos, snakes and emus, then fried and used them Gateau their fur to protect themselves, plants serve as food to those time, many plants such as mangrove seeds, almonds large and cabbage leaves were favorites aboriginal women, their food is also made of fruits and vegetables, coconut, tomatoes, seeds and fruits of shrubs and quandong (local fruit ). So far there are some restaurants that serve this particular type of food.


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  1. Hayley Tesreau says:

    I’ve been to a lot of national parks in Australia but the Grampians takes the cake. So relaxing and quiet. Halls Gap is an intimate town with welcoming residents. Halls Gap is in the middle of the area and has every amenity we needed when I visited. I’ll be back. The area around Halls Gap also features hidden gems. I’m not talking the larger towns but places like Pomonal. Lovely and full of character. I appreciate the work you’ve done in putting your blog together.

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  3. Vika says:

    I wonder why I haven’t find Australian cuisine in this rating? Do you know what place does it take in the world?

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