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Food and drinks in EnglandAll About Travelling
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Food and drinks in England

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Food and beverage scene in England offers a wide variety of choices, especially because of the diversity of immigrants in the country and their influence on English food. Inside the country each region has its own particularities. For example, northern countries tend to offer a more substantial and traditional food, at prices more reasonable than in the south. London and major cities offers a wide variety of foods from around the world, Chinese food, Thai, Mexican, Spanish, etc.. Indian food is especially popular and has a quality / good price, the most popular dish is curry.

England dinstins preference was always for the beer, the most popular traditional drink in the country, and cider, gin and tea. Bars and clubs in recent years have increased in number in the country due to increased tourist activity and the arrival of millions of visitors.


Drink scene in England has increased for many years and there are hundreds of places in each city. For traditional local drink called “pub” and can be found anywhere in downtown or suburbs. However, pubs have struggled to win more money from food, because the current rules regarding tolerance drink premises affected revenues.
Premises in city centers lining the main streets are more “themed bars” than pubs, and are often designed for drinking upright than for discussion. However, in distant hiding streets still traditional pubs, and most cities have some “real beer pubs” scattered around, sometimes in a group concentrated in a small area on the edge of downtown.

The law allows pubs to be open until 23:00 and 01:00. However, in most major cities and many small towns, pubs and bars located in the center will remain open until 02:00 or 03:00, especially on Friday nights and Saturdays. Also, during public holidays, many pubs extend their closing hours, especially New Year.

The most popular beer is bitter (bitter), although the lager is taking on increasingly more followers. Whisky is a drink very popular, especially for those in Scotland and Ireland.

Half a pint, if filled with beer is called “nip and the Haufe” (one sip and a half). Basically there are two types of whiskey, single malt and grain (seed), with a small amount of oats and barley production.

Blend is a mixture of two types. Others are very different malt whiskeys, whose quality depends on the ingredients used during processing, and water oak barrels and is imvechit.


England is the country a wide variety of alcoholic beverages. In addition to wines and spirits (mostly imported, but some native), all pubs selling some beers and at least one type of cider. The main types of beer you will find that lager, bitter and stout (Beer). Real beer (s) is not a separate classification refers to beer made and served by traditional methods.


England has a diverse population because of the large number of immigrants who arrived from other countries and settled here to live, prompting a diversified kitchen, and now eating can be an interesting experience because of the variety of approaches and styles that can be found . British food scene has a lot of places that offer food, from traditional English dishes to the most exotic. There are a wide variety of restaurants, cafes, bars, gastro-pubs around the country for all tastes, needs and wallets.

In London you can see a wide variety of food because it is a cosmopolitan city where you can find all types of food worldwide.

England is known for its culinary traditions, including afternoon tea, fish and fries, and especially the amazing English breakfast.

Pubs are probably the best place to eat in town at a reasonable price, sophisticated taste of foods or traditional English dishes. More exotic dishes prepared in most pubs are now larger and “gastropuburile” specialized.

Vegetarian food is widely available in pubs and restaurants in England, finding some vegetarian dishes.

Some of the most traditional British foods are described below:

Fish and chips. It is a traditional English dish, classic, French fries made from potatoes and fish (cod, haddock, Huss, flounder), fried dough of flour well.

Yorkshire pudding is a traditional and popular dish British, who comes from north-east England, made from flour, eggs and milk, that kind of dough baked with lemon and usually insiropat meat (steak).

Toad in the Hole (toad in the hole) is similar to Yorkshire pudding, sausages that are placed in the dough before it is put in the oven.

Lancashire broth consists essentially of meat, onions and potatoes, cooked ingredients are baked all day in a big pot on a low flame.

English breakfast consists of ham, eggs, sausages, bread, pudding black mushrooms (these are fried), baked beans in tomato sauce, with toast and butter – pancakes with plenty of strong tea or coffee with milk.

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