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Food and drink in CanadaAll About Travelling
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Food and drink in Canada

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Breakfast is taken very seriously throughout Canada, and the average prices between 5 and 12 dollars is often the best option and most satisfying meal of the day. Whether you go into a cafe, cafe-bar or a snack bar at a hotel, breakfast menu, which can be ordered until 11:00, usually consists of different mesh gaskets standard fried, bacon or bacon, mixed and fried in a crust, or sausage without skin or taste (with the exception of Nova Scotia Lunenburg famous sausage, very spicy version of pioneer settlers brought from Europe).

Whatever you eat, you can wash as much coffee table can support: paying only the first cup, the waiter / waitress – in most places – continue to pour free coffee until he asked to stop. Decaffeinated coffee is normal or ground and is almost always fresh and very tasty, although many of the cheaper places a dilute water until it tastes like dishwashing.

For quick snacks, many “Delis” are semi-prepared food, including an amazing variety of sandwiches and filled rolls. As an alternative, malls have fast food sometimes ethnic stalls, a healthier alternative (but not much) to the inevitable burgers chains, homogenised whose products have colonized every main street across the country. Regional snacks include fish and chips, especially in Newfoundland: yellow pea soup traditional Quebec, smoked meat sandwiches and “poutine” fries covered with melted mozzarella cheese or cream cheese and lemon curd from meat; and pervasive sea of ??clams soup, a creamy soup of clams and potatoes.

Bars Canadian and American counterparts, many counters are long and poorly lighted by a handful of customers perched on stools watching the bartender and the rest of tables and booths occupying customers around. However, despite the similarity in terms of design, the bars are very different from those dominated by men, drinking holes with rough corners concentrated in the blue-collar towns and villages of operation (in charge of mining and oil) in the north , the most elegant urban premises offering food, live entertainment and a variety of interesting cocktails. Indeed, it is often impossible to distinguish between restaurants and bars – Eating and drinking are not separate activities, as they were largely until the 1960s.

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