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Cozumel Island and Caribbean ReefAll About Travelling
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Cozumel Island and Caribbean Reef

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Cozumel Island and Caribbean Reef

Once you fix glasses and plastic tube for snorkeling, water will leave you soft and clear and explore, the waves, colorful world of the Caribbean Sea reef. Clarity deep impress you, schools of small fish and yellow running from side to side, and somewhere down a massive body undulates barracuda are careless. You are a few tens of meters from the island of Cozumel and snorkeling is one of the great choices that you can do to discover and admire a small part of the barrier reefs of the Caribbean. For this the second largest reef in the world, perfect option would be diving but if you do not intimidate or depths of time available to initiate you into scuba diving.

Caribbean Sea and Reef

With a length of 200 km barrier coralieră crosses the Caribbean Sea along the coastline to its north-western, southern Belize to the right of the Yucatan Peninsula as part of the reef Caribbean, representing 9% (52,000 km ²) of reefs world. A second barrier, much smaller, lying in the southwest. The whole reef, 500-700 species of fish inhabit the coral species 65-75 and boasts ecosystem and endemic fauna, which includes fish, angel Sanopus Splendidus, a fish with poisonous bites.

Because human intervention has had destructive effects on the reef, fishing, marine transport or tourism aggressively (it’s hard to keep track of dropouts scrap in the reef or those divers who have destroyed coral for souvenirs …) Caribbean Sea countries have initiated ample marine habitat conservation, marine protected areas were created and developed research projects to coral reef ecosystems and interconnected to find appropriate solutions to save endangered species.

Cozumel Island

“Cozumel is a destination as any. And we must believe the word. Because it is impossible to imagine until you become on our island.” This sounds promo tour for most Mexican Caribbean island, a paradise for divers, surfers, fishermen, adventurers and seekers of quiet white beaches. Only 50 km long and 16 km wide, Cozumel (“Island swallows” – Kúutsmil in Mayan) is replete with tropical vegetation, Mayan ruins, coral and natural parks.

On the continent, from Playa del Carmen to Cozumel is only 19 km across the sea: modern fast ferries arrive on the island in 30 minutes. Once the dock is located near bus terminal, so that in Cancun (the largest resort in the Yucatan Peninsula) there are only 45 minutes to travel comfortable. For the most demanding, the island is an international airport of choice for U.S. companies and six times a day, one plane 36 people coming from Cancun and land after only 15 minutes of flight.

Cozumel Island and Caribbean Reef

San Miguel is the heart of economic development and tourism of the island and you face the busy port, with a huge Mexican flag, flanked by two eagles. Colonial-looking center, located very close to the sea, invites relaxing walks and hearty traditional meals, after adventures in the deep blue morning or after a day touring the jungle.

The Maya built settlements on Cozumel Island since 300 AD., So that later develop here a commercial and religious center. Archaeologists say the Maya civilization postclasică period, each woman made a pilgrimage Yucatan Peninsula on the island pays tribute to the goddess of fertility, Ixchel. Castillo Real, El Caracol, El cedar and San Gervasio Mayan four sites are transformed, after 1961, the tourist attractions.

Snorkeling and scuba-diving

Cozumel Island and Caribbean ReefOver 30 locations for snorkeling and diving are scattered around Cozumel’s beaches, especially in the west and south. Floating craft of all kinds awaiting tourists swarming through the waves or the deep rich in fish and coral wonders. Oxygen tubes, life jackets, suits and neoprene pads with interesting names on boats stain playful sea surface with changing shades of blue and violet.

In 1960, oceanographer and environmentalist Jacques Cousteau explored the Palancar Reef in the south island and then presented as one of the best diving areas in the world. Over 40 years, this place will be part of Cozumel Reef Marine National Park, established by the Mexican government to protect this site coralier of beauty and a diverse fauna, still healthy and abundant.

Divers who already have a valid, dozens of Mexican travel agencies make available appropriate equipment for a safari in the reef for a starting price of $ 50. Beginners aged 12 years, can start a course of intensive, 4 hours, with about $ 70, including all materials required for scuba diving in the reef. If you want an unforgettable experience, choose a special dive into the world of dolphins in Chankanaab Park, where you can interact and play with these wonderful animals.

For the less daring, the same park Atlantis submarine tour 40 minutes west reef island, down to 30 m under the sea. But more interesting would be to enter the underwater world on a minisubmarin, as you drive a motorcycle without you only need a short training in the guide, however it will always accompany the group.

Away from the reef, Cozumel Island, you will find many opportunities to spend your time: jeep tours into the jungle, cycling or bike on the coastal roads, tuna fishing, dancing in the center of San Miguel, parasailing and many, many more. Just reading or listening to offers list, tired. It’s hard to decide. How quiet gray hair colliding waves of sand under palm trees, you end up the day by swinging in a hammock on a beach wild, happy just to watch the blue sea.

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