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Côte d'Azur, FranceAll About Travelling
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Côte d’Azur, France

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Côte dAzur

Côte dAzur-FranceCôte dAzur is administratively included in the region Provence-Alpes-Côte dAzur and in turn is divided into six departments. The great advantage of this region has always been the spectacular natural beauty. Alps Côte dAzur is practically falling into the sea, creating plenty of coves and cliffs of almost heavenly beauty. The region has developed very early tourist. Noble or bourgeois families of Italian, French, German or Russian came here in pre-war period. Nice, Marseille and Cannes were places for luxury. After the Second World War, major investments in tourism, and a strategy focused on diversity have led to expanding tourism segment. Nice, and many other resorts on the southern French coast, have a very diversified hotel offer, which allows residence and a medium or small budget.

Symbol of opulence Côte dAzur, France

Like Monaco, located in the eastern part of Côte dAzur, French Riviera is actually a small European Las Vegas. Even a little more, I dare say if we consider the presence of a large number of museums, castles, historical sites and old streets that are home-monument, true works of art of past centuries. All these things always blend perfectly with yachts anchored in ports – Cote dAzur resorts are most stops in ports and cruise ships itinerary – with the fishermen barcutele complete the charm of the place and hundreds of luxury shops, restaurants hotels, summer residences of celebrities or important personalities of the political and economic world. The unique architecture and absolutely spectacular scenery, wide beaches and tourist facilities make this area a historic tourist region that has reached the degree of perfection.

Attractions, advice, guidance Côte dAzur, France

Côte d'Azur, France 1Dozens of localities that have known over the years an unprecedented tourism development due to extremely beautiful bays created by the Alps to the Tyrrhenian Sea meeting – part of the Mediterranean Sea.

Nice, for example, is one of the main attractions of the area. Capital Alpes Maritimes department competing for notoriety Monte Carlo – Monaco jewelry – and is the largest city of the region. Nice is the perfect destination for those with an average budget – the city is big enough, and two star hotels and hostels can be found easily. In fact, Nice is the second largest hotel in France, after Paris. Here is the only airport on the French Riviera and here there is the largest interchange in the region.

Nice is a tourist town 100% and, therefore, a list of things you can do here is quite difficult. Basically, the beach, water sports or land, from cumpuraturi to visit museums, memorial houses, exhibitions, monuments, castles and theaters, everything is possible. The city is quite expensive, but if you do not eat at the restaurant and looking carefully, an average budget of 30, 40 euros per day will be sufficient. Capital Côte dAzur is a perfect place to set your “headquarters”. Here you will find cheap and, in addition, you pretty easy Côte dAzur access to other attractions of the Riviera. On the other hand, if you do not like the fast pace, the best would be to find a quieter destination. Nice is a resort is extremely popular and always crowded. Anyway, if you’re in Nice, would be a shame to leave without visiting the port, the old center, Roman ruins Cemenelum, Matisse Museum, Lascaris Palace and Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.

Côte d'Azur, France 2Cannes film city, is located 35 km from Nice Côte dAzur, 55 km from Monaco and 60 kilometers from the border with Italy. Even if, until 150 years ago, the Mediterranean seaside town was nothing but a small fishing village, today, he is the most elegant, sophisticated and popular French Riviera city. City triple its number of visitors during the Film Festival and summer months are busy in an absolute way. Cannes Côte dAzur is primarily a luxury resort. It has wide boulevards, an impressive cliff, very many shops, restaurants and luxury hotels. The cultural-historical is not ignored but even in this city. And here you can visit the Sea Museum, a museum of Contemporary Art and the old port and old town center are mandatory targets.

If you want to venture into the heart of European tourism and live the unique experience of the French Riviera, the best would be to schedule a stay outside the months impossible. From this point of view, the period from July to August is very busy and will be extremely difficult to book rooms or flights decent. May, June are months in the climate (subtropical, in fact) is perfect, and resorts are not as crowded.

If you decide to visit this part of the world and do not know whether to use your personal car or get a ticket, you must take into account several factors. Ticket price, even if quite large, tends to equalize its costs due to travel by car to the highway tax, aggregate, could reach a considerable amount.

Prices and offers

Côte-dAzur-France-3If you opt for a circuit, then the offer is extremely varied and the prices are included, depending on the number of days, transport and the countries visited, between 500 and about 1500 euros. For example, a circuit with a duration of 21 days in which to visit Spain, Portugal and Côte dAzur, will cost around 1,000 euros.

If you want to spend an exclusive stay in the French Riviera, where you can buy through a travel agency, a hotel room over a nedetermiata. In Cannes, for example, double room in a two-star hotel will cost around 50 euros.

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