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Travel to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Travel to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia The city is a metropolis of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, the largest in the country with a population of 4 million inhabitants. It is often abbreviated as KL. Geography of Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur is lo...read more.

Travel to Iguazu waterfall

Travel to Iguazu waterfall Located at the confluence of three countries Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, the waterfall attracts five million visitors every year With about 1,500 euros per person you get to the Brazilian or Argentinean...read more.

Travel to Cook Islands, the best kept secret of the Pacific

Cook Islands is a group of 15 islands and atolls isolated, spread over a total distance of over 1400 km in the South Pacific Ocean, between French Polynesia to the east, and Tonga to the west. The islands are divided, geographically, i...read more.

Travel to Finland

Finland has a great respect for the culture and civilization. Finland is known about the register a record number relative to population share, the newspaper readers and visitors to national museums and galleries. So, Finland is an int...read more.

Travel to Czech Republic

Czech Republic (Česko Czech officially Czech Republic, Czech Česká republika) is located near the geographical center of Europe and covers an area of ​​78,866 square kilometers. It consists of three parts Historical: Bohemia, Moravia a...read more.

Travel to Timisoara Romania

Timisoara (German alternative Temeswar Temeschburg in Hungarian Temeşvar in trad. "City of the Timis") is the capital and largest city of the county of Timis, Banat, Romania. Village name comes from the river Timis, called by the Roman...read more.

Travel to Balea Waterfall Transfagarasani

One of the most picturesque areas in the Carpathians is the Fagaras Mountains. It is located in southern Medias at a distance of about 80 km and is visible on some days at a certain height after each summer from Medias. Mountain chain ...read more.

Travel to Madagascar

Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world and houses more than 250,000 species, of which 70% are unique in the world. The island is famous worldwide because of Lemuria, with about 50 species, ranging from normal to bizarre. ...read more.

Travel to Thailand

Thailand is a constitutional monarchy established in and covers an area of ​​513,115 sq. km. Country is divided into 73 provinces and has the capital to Bangkok. Population in no. from 61.88 million in addition to speaking Thai is also...read more.

Travel to Marshall islands

Marshall Islands are a nation of atolls and islands scattered and isolated, located between Australia and Hawaii. The islands are a favorite place for diving due to natural coral reefs and rich marine life. At least 160 species of cora...read more.

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