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Alternate Travel Trends

Mainstream travel is so overrated – especially when there are so many incredible alternate ways to holiday and see a country. While alternate accommodation while holidaying is typically associated with hostel-going backpackers and budg...read more.

Surrey: The English Secret

Come summer, England seems to blossom. Gardens are suddenly full of flowers, England's famous grey skies clear up, and picnics suddenly become trendy. UK also experiences an influx of tourists from around the globe during it's short...read more.

Planning the perfect holiday in Malaga

Ever since budget airlines have started flights to Malaga, this little coastal town in Spain has become a hub for sun-seekers and tourists looking to escape the drudgery of everyday life. Malaga boasts of stunning beaches, cheap accomm...read more.

Washington In Spring

If you think of Washington DC as a rather dry politically dominated town as compared to New York or that isn’t really much of a tourist destination – then please think again. There are many things to see and do in Washington but if ...read more.

A Travel Guide to Paris

Paris - it's the city of dreams for everyone however old, young, sceptical, or romantic the person might be. For centuries, it's been heralded as the ultimate romantic adventure and it's definitely that and more...   There a...read more.

What you should really be doing in Rome

I saw an amazing video by Contiki the other day and I loved it. It's good to see that the notion of travelling is changing - slowly but surely.     As for me, I couldn't have agreed more with the content of the v...read more.

Travel Guide to Poland

Travel and music are pretty much one and the same thing to me. Every trip has an album or a song that becomes more the adventure than the adventure itself. When I went to Paris it was Stars, when I went to Mauritius it was The Jets,...read more.

Top 10 Crazy Things to Do in Turkey

The Library of Celsus, the Blue Lagoon, the Bodrum Castle... the list of amazing sites and vacation locations in Turkey is long. With so many compelling places to visit, Turkey is one of the world's most celebrated tourist locations. I...read more.

Travel to Thessaloniki, Greece

Thessaloniki is the second largest city and the importance of Greece, the capital of Macedonia. Despite being one of the oldest cities in Europe, Thessaloniki is a vibrant modern city with wide boulevards, parks and squares. City locat...read more.

Fuji Yama Japan

The Armenians Ararat, the biblical mountain Sinai Jews, Tibetans and Buddhists from all over the world leans towards Mount Kailasa, the Arabs have their mythical Mount Qaf, the Geto-Dacians had Kogaionon our site, the ancient Greeks ha...read more.

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