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Category: Luxury

Sweden Luxury Travel

Sweden Luxury Travel Enjoy the best that Sweden has to offer, with first class service in exotic landscapes. Stay in an apartment in classic Grand Hotel in Stockholm, and will have the opportunity to see extraordinary landscapes more.

Top 5 Luxury Hotels

Whether you visit Turkey, wild or exotic Costa Rica Kenya, each destination luxury hotel welcomes you to promise to give you an unforgettable experience. If you are bored, but the Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton or Hilton will not be more.

Top 10 most expensive destinations

Europe is the most expensive tourist destination of choice for Americans, according to a recent survey. The findings show that European cities are in the target foreigners. Although the ranking made ​​by the famous sites and cities more.

Luxury hotels around the World

Luxury, comfort, age, class, space, cutting edge, whichever words could describe the most demanding political perfect hosts the world - owners of luxury hotels. Designed to meet the most demanding tastes, luxury hotels continue to more.

Top 10 futuristic luxury hotels in the world

We live in a world in a dynamic and changing. Therefore, in the future will prosper only those who have something special to offer. Hotels designers of tomorrow take into account these trends in creating the most futuristic hotels more.

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