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Haunted Hotels for Halloween

Now that Halloween is approaching, porches are starting to fill with carved pumpkins, cobwebs are hanging from buildings, and ghosts are ready to take a walk around the neighbourhood. If you dare, stay in one of these hotels... beware, more.

Ice hotels

Ice hotels Century engineers make publicly available annual ice hotels in arctic landscapes or domestic, where time seems to freeze too.If you read the stories about crystal palace, maybe you'll enjoy to know that not only have to more.

The most strange hotels in the world

Strange Hotels For a price between 300 and $ 475 per night, those who like adventure can spend the night at one of the strange hotels in the world - Ice Hotel in Quebec Canada. Novelty ice hotel was built in 2001 of 500 tons of more.

Croatia accommodation

Luxury hotels are found along the entire Dalmatian coast, but for people who count the money twice before you pay, there are double rooms with prices ranging between 12 and 40 dollars (later euro) per night. With about 60 USD per day more.

Top 5 Luxury Hotels

Whether you visit Turkey, wild or exotic Costa Rica Kenya, each destination luxury hotel welcomes you to promise to give you an unforgettable experience. If you are bored, but the Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton or Hilton will not be more.

Luxury hotels around the World

Luxury, comfort, age, class, space, cutting edge, whichever words could describe the most demanding political perfect hosts the world - owners of luxury hotels. Designed to meet the most demanding tastes, luxury hotels continue to more.

Top 10 futuristic luxury hotels in the world

We live in a world in a dynamic and changing. Therefore, in the future will prosper only those who have something special to offer. Hotels designers of tomorrow take into account these trends in creating the most futuristic hotels more.

Ice Hotel, Sweden

The most bizarre hotel in the world is definitely Swedish Ice Hotel, which reinvents itself every winter from tons of snow and ice crystal. The hotel can receive over 100 visitors, in the original rooms where the temperature is at more.

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