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Cancun - the pearl of the YucatanAll About Travelling
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Cancun – the pearl of the Yucatan

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In 1970, the Mexican government began a project transforming a small fishing village in the Yucatan jungle in one of the world’s great luxury resort which now attracts four million tourists charms per year. As a holiday destination, Cancun has finally conquered territory passed tourists in famous mastering Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Jamaica, and the testimony of victory are perfectly blue waters, beaches delicate, sophisticated hotels and an endless number of options fantastic exploration of historical and natural worlds Yucatán Peninsula.


Probably originated in the Mayan “Kan Kun” meaning “snake nest” island names already appear old local maps. Separated from the coast of Yucatan’s jungle through a mangrove lagoon, the island stretching thin Cancún, given as number 7 in Caribbean waters, place them in waves wonderful beaches. Two bridges link Boulevard Kukulcan (“feathered serpent”) by road from the airport to the south, and the city of Cancún in the north, across the way Nichupte lagoon channels which communicate monotonically with the sea.

With an average width of 500 meters, insular areas are defined by their position on central avenue: on the left, restaurants, marinas, shopping malls and golf courses reflect their silhouettes in sunset light colored waters of the lagoon, on the Right, hotels and deals condominiurile displays its white beaches and the four to five star luxury in a relentless competition and elitist. In the middle of the resort, a heart throbbing frantically building at nightfall, when the music and dancing in clubs left in limbo traditional and exotic dinners in great restaurants. Cancún is, the life of the night, a fierce competition Los Angeles and Ibiza …
Early morning is when the resort is found shiny and elegant. A walk twenty miles on Kukulcan Boulevard adjacent alleys lead tourists through small parks and always full of flowers, in addition to green meadows, stately buildings, statues and monuments white, bare in the sun, or water fountains murmurous. Salty sea breeze of fresh air feeds and silence is disturbing to fight bird, shortness of breath runners or cyclists and bus goes up an exhausted, leading to and from the resort where locals earn their living. In the big hotels, gardens of palms, oleanders and roses waiting zilnicele Japanese coaches and taxis full of tourists in search of the perfect holiday.
Taking to the beach, turquoise water with small waves encounters a sand, the palm trees are planted roots filled with nuts and short legs of chairs. In the distance, the sea is blue depths widens in pending hundreds of yachts, boats or boat that will soon come to sail to the islands nearby.


Opposite end of the hotel zone north of the island, the mainland has grown Cancún city with a modern and Mexican atmosphere, which translates tourist in the world of concrete and more affordable outside the sphere of influence of the resort: shops of handicrafts , travel agents, markets, schools, stadiums, Bullring, banks and consulates.
A demographic explosion resulted, naturally, the “Cancún project” when its objectives have been fully taken over, and the resort has gained enviable prestigious international tourism. Of several hundred locals, housed forty years in the solitude dune island off the coast of Yucatán’s, will be added in a short time thousands, tens of thousands of Mexicans and others – today, the city has over 500,000 people.

Resort hotels

Hilton, Riu, Oasis, Hyatt, Marriott, Barcelo open-class hotel list is majestic strung along the beach, revealing tourists a combination of art, tradition and luxury. The height of floors, not infrequently dizzy can enjoy lush gardens around the pools flimsy, thatched roofs or terraces lingering Mexican restaurants on the beach, guarded by seagulls. The all inclusive is addictive to those in search of rest, comfort and excellent cuisine, famous and good quality tostadas, quesadillas, enchiladas, tacos or sauces that made Mexico famous.
Highest quality services are completed by the tourist offer that office submits posted in large halls on the first day of accommodation. Some huge catalogs with photos attractive and affordable tourist tells so many possibilities for fun and adventure that it would not be enough to stay for a few months to exhaust them. Elections are heavy, negotiate prices, dates, levels of adrenaline, because, ultimately, the customer to leave satisfied with a 10-20% discount for package deals.

Late evening brings traditional dance performances, concerts, mariachi their competitions and workshops, each of the colorful decor and garden scenes. For the romantic, lavish dinners are booked out-yacht offshore, where the island looks like a bright serpent, for the adventurous, two groups of artists enliven the finale of the story of Captain Hook in a show with volleys of cannon , acrobatics on ropes masts of ships and fierce battles between pirates.

Gateway to the Mayan world

A journey through present and past history of the Mayan world can easily begin in Cancún, where jungle meets the sea. Wonderful stories of ancient pre-Columbian civilizations will be spoken during a day tour in each of the most famous, largest and most impressive Mayan cities of the Yucatán. Pyramid of Kukulcan (also known as “The Castle”) of complex Chichen Itza is one of the wonders of the New World and is a massive structure built of stone Mayan calendar. They can admire the sea around the yard to play ball, rubber temple Jaguar platform skulls, a sacred cenotes, the Group of the Thousand Columns, ossuary and El Caracol, astronomical observatory.

At Tulum, Mayan ruins adorn high sea coast. Coba Main pyramid of the huge city, of which only 8% was recovered by archaeologists from the arms of the jungle, rises up above the canopy, giving a great view over the distance. Uxmal site by its limestone structures very well preserved, providing harmony eyes and souls alone.
For the Maya world, cenotes them (caves or holes with water, created by erosion and collapse of) were the source of life and spirituality, because apelelor sweet and clean, from the depths of the limestone of the peninsula. Through them, cook in a wonderful world that communicate with the gods. Today, they can be explored by boat, by snorkeling or scuba-diving, depicting underwater paradise under the deep roots of the jungle. Near cenotelor, Mayan villages and traditional haciendas are resting places travel through the rainforest, giving tourists the opportunity to either attend a purification ritual led by a Mayan priest or buy a souvenir recalling the early history of Yucatán community.

Holiday havens

South and east of Cancún, nature and man have created some haven for lovers of adventure and fun: Xcaret, Xel-Ha, Isla Cotoy National Park and Reserve Sianka’n. The great eco-archaeological park, Xcaret, Yucatan’s biodiversity richness combines with Mexican cultural heritage, a suite of components: zoo, reserve, stage performances, museum, restaurant, water park, all of great diversity, over a huge area.
Snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, scuba diving, traveling on the seabed, spa – are in high demand activities in Xel-Ha water park.
Island bird sanctuary Cotoy remains: over 100 species can be viewed and admired, including flamingo red, brown pelicans, cormorants, white egrets.

“Where the sky is born” or Sianka’n is an ecological reserve known as “World Heritage Site” by UNESCO in 1987. Its lagoons and mangrove channels linking the Mayan cities in the past and today carries boats with tourists eager to glimpse any of the protected animals: cougars, crocodiles, tapir, peccary, jaguar, monkeys etc.

Final attractions in Cancun

If any output from Cancún or its immediate vicinity can mean a lot of effort for tourist, it will be encouraged to try at least one of the many attractions at your fingertips: visit the archaeological site “El Rey” traditional fishing deep or at the time night, parasailing, boat tour, wind surfing, kayak rides or amphibious vehicle, swimming with dolphins, diving, exploring jungle jeep, zip-line, corridor, rafting and, finally, sun-bath on sea beach or on the lagoon. It is understandable how, in 2007, the Trust for Tourism Promotion of Cancun been named “Best of the Best” by the World Tourism Organization.

At the end of a long day, sleep for a few hours resort, with water rippling around. The day will shine again to Mexican pride and delight tourists.

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