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Can I Still Find Travel Insurance with a Pre-Existing Condition? - All About TravellingAll About Travelling
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Can I Still Find Travel Insurance with a Pre-Existing Condition?

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A trip abroad can be a life-changing adventure, opening doors to different cultures and new experiences, and many veteran travelers elect to take out travel insurance on their trips to provide peace of mind in case they should become ill or injured during their stay away from home. Unfortunately, those with pre-existing medical concerns at the time of travel may find it more difficult to find suitable coverage and standard travel insurance policies specifically exclude ongoing effects from pre-existing conditions in the majority of cases


Isle of Wight

A trip abroad can be life-changing


Pre-Existing Conditions- An Insurer’s Perspective

Travel insurance providers define a pre-existing condition to be any illness, injury or other medical condition that has occurred prior to the effective date of the travel policy and which has manifested symptoms that have been officially diagnosed by a medical professional.

Any affliction that has been documented to require treatment or medication during what is known as the “Look-back period” is likely to be deemed a pre-existing condition and ineligible for medical coverage. Look-back periods vary by insurance carrier, but usually represent a period of between 60 and 180 days. It always pays to compare travel insurance and do your due diligence when making your final decision.


Travel with adequate preacautions and you will love it

Travel with adequate preacautions and you will love it

“Medically Stable”

However, if the patient exhibits no significant symptoms and requires no medical attention for the condition during this period, the condition is termed as “medically stable.” Being classified as medically stable effectively cancels out an ailment’s status as a pre-existing condition and requires that the insurer provide coverage for any issues that may arise with it during the life of the policy. Further, some providers will require that an applicant be medically stable before offering any level of coverage.

Exclusion Waivers

If the condition is still determined to be ineligible for standard coverage due to concerns during the look-back period, it may still be possible to obtain protection for it during a trip out of the country. Many insurance carriers offer a policy option called an “exclusion waiver,” which extends the standard policy to cover the pre-existing condition at a premium.

While the first stipulation of many standard travel insurance policies is exclusion of pre-existing conditions, there are some insurance options for travelers with ongoing health concerns. They can be more expensive than the most common policy types, but the peace of mind they can provide is priceless in the unpredictable world of travel.


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