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Brazil's attractionsAll About Travelling
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Brazil’s attractions

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Amazonia National Park

Covering an impressive 7 of Brazil’s 27 counties, “Green Inferno” covers nearly 40% of Brazil’s total land. Although parts of the Amazon covers countries bordering Brazil (namely Bolivia, Colombia, Guiana and Peru), in Brazil Fri most tourists if they want to enjoy the beauties of this great natural wonders. Things can be done on Amazon include bird watching, hiking, climbing and traveling by boat along the River. No doubt, a tournament in Brazil is incomplete without a trip on the Amazon.

Iguassu Falls or Iguaçu

Sometimes called one of the seven natural wonders of the world, actually Iguassu Falls is not the widest waterfall in the world, nor the highest. However, what it lacks in width and height is offset in all other aspects. On river waterfall Panama is the natural border of the countries Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay and is composed of a total of 275 cataract. The best time of year to visit the Iguassu Falls is between October and December and because it is a wonderful view it is advisable to do so as to spend even one night here before going to the next destination!


Considered one of the largest wildlife rezevatii by any route to the Pantanal should be planned carefully because the area is suitable for tourists – with little infrastructure. However do not let this stop you from making preparations to visit the Pantanal because it is truly a splendid place. Fishermen will also be attracted to the Pantanal is one of the best fishing spots in South America. But it is because birds that most visitors come to the Pantanal, and bird watching here is simply amazing!


Brazil’s former colonial capital, Salvador is located in Bay City All Saints. Visitors to this wonderful city can spend time walking the narrow paved streets that have changed very little from the days when the city was the center of Brazil’s slave trade.


Situated in the heart of the Amazon Basin, Manaus is a popular destination for tourists who are looking for exotic trips in the heart of the Amazon.


For centuries, civilization has entered Brazil on the coastline. Most people there, trade was there, just cities. The Brazilian government has always been his dream to move the capital inland – thereby gaining greater control over the expanded territory of the country.

Sao Paulo

There is a word that describes everything that is Sao Paulo – “Great!” The city is not only the most populous of all Brazil, but being the commercial center of Brazil contains some of the skyscrapers of the country. However, those who visit Sao Paulo to work not wrong thinking that Sao Paulo is just not fun work, once the sun goes down the people of Sao Paulo spend some of the most fashionable clubs and pubs all over Brazil – some dispute that the clubs in Sao Paulo are in touch with modern Western styles than Rio!


Located on the Gold Coast of Brazil (northeast Brazil), Recife is a popular tourist destination for tourist packages. Recife is also well known for the number of channels and bridges spread on the city. The city has a number of museums and churches better. However, no visit to Recife is not complete without a visit to the old prison of the city – to make your visit more interesting now is a shopping complex!

Sao Luis

Named after Louis XIII, Sao Luis is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Brazil. Architecture is very colonial city – was founded by a French pirate – with palaces and magnificent churches. Sao Luis is very charming and delightful fusion of all cultures Brazil – African, indigenous and Portuguese. This small beautiful city deserves to deviate from your way to visit.

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