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Team Building In Italy - All About TravellingAll About Travelling
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Team Building In Italy

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Team bonding activities are the initiative of team building. Various activities are planned according to the nature of the group to promote strong mutual understanding amongst the team. There is a group of team bonding facilitators in every type of big organization. They take the responsibility of building strong teams for different projects by designing various activities of corporate team bonding. These activities play an important role in constructing the culture which enables every individual to contribute as much as possible with a very positive attitude.This quiz on team bonding activities by Corporate Traveller got us thinking of various kinds of travel-related team bonding activities.


Italy is a beautiful country that provides amazing landscapes, charming sceneries, great food and wonderful locations and would be the perfect backdrop for a series of different team building activities based on the nature of the team. Italy is perfect for the outdoor activities, which could help the team members think from a different perspective.These activities could help to motivate, educate and inspire them to bring new ideas to the workplace.  Corporate team bonding in Italy becomes much interesting with the activities designed for this purpose. Each of these activities could provide an unforgettable and amazing experience to all participants. They also help in providing motivation and strengthening the team for upcoming challenges. Here are some of our favourite activities


Luxurious cave house - Domus Civita, Italy

Italy is perfect for a variety of team building activities



Cooking and food tours

The Italian cuisines are famous around the world. The country is well known for its sophisticated wine and delicious flavors. Professional chefs organize cooking workshops to acquaint team members with Italian cuisine. Various teams join them and learn together. This helps improve interaction within the team. Cooking contests and cooking races in which employees participate in pairs are arranged for the best kind of team building. Such activities also enhance professional understanding by removing hesitation amongst fellow employees. Frequent interaction helps them share their innovative ideas in a better way.


Team building activities in gorgeous surroundings promote interaction between employees

Team-building activities in gorgeous surroundings promote interaction between employees


Wine tours

Different corporate teams are made to experience the harvesting of grapes and the process of making wine. In the name of team building they can learn the Italian secrets of making the fantastic wine directly in the winery. There are various activities offered around the northern Italy and Sicily to learn the procedure of wine making from harvesting the grapes to brewing it and storing it. People are gathered in groups according to their areas of interest. They can gather ripe grapes from farms to use them in the winery. Teams can also implement their new ideas to make variants. They learn better team building and the benefits of working together by organising and managing the wine making process.



Vintage car tours

Vintage cars are collected and exhibited in different areas of Italy. People can use these to drive on different routes. There are a number of vintage car brands such as Alfa Romeo Duetto and The Triumph Spitfire; tourists from all over the world come to join them. This can work perfectly as a team building activity. Employees can participate and experience car travel. The resultant interaction lays the foundation of a strong team at work. The tours can also act as a source of increasing confidence in the members. Their confidence automatically increases when they interact with people belonging to different places and speaking different languages. It is the perfect platform to hone employees’ marketing skills.


Art and Painting

Art is highly admired in every society. Very often corporate employees have an artistic bent of mind. As a result, they love to participate in artistic team building activities. Usually such activities are designed around social, economic and political issues. They offer the employees the perfect chance to showcase their own perspective about a specific thing or raise a voice against a social issue. For eg – a number of organisations work for flood or earthquake victims. This acts as the perfect team building activity whilst helping others in the process.


Skiing in Italy

Skiing is considered to be a recreational activity during winters. A skiing competition can be the perfect team bonding activity. A splendid hotel and exquisite restaurant facilities are a given for any skiing break. Moreover employees can enjoy sitting in front of mesmerising landscapes and interacting over a cup of hot chocolate or two. Newbies could bond by joining skiing classes for beginners. Add to this the lure of typical Italian wine, food and wellness and you have a complete team bonding package.


Skiing is the perfect team bonding activity

Skiing is the perfect team bonding activity



Yoga Work shops

There are various types of yoga sessions offered in Italy. Who wouldn’t love to practice Pilates, meditation, and breathing classes under the Tuscan sun?! Different corporate teams join these workshops for the relaxation and rejuvenation of their mind and body. They provide a crash-course in ways to overcome stress at work and leave employees rejuvenated for the month ahead.


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