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Macocha the Moravian karst

Over a thousand small caverns and canyons were embroidered waters Moravian hills north of the city of Brno, Czech west. This area is approximately 92 km 2, with its walls and laces Whitish crush the foundations, is one of the most impo...read more.

Iguazu – Where water is united with the sky

A huge waterfall. Oh no! A spectacular and unprecedented concatenation water. Absolute queen falling water! Crossing between worlds! Gate to a magical land where water, air and stone blend harmoniously to create one of the natural wond...read more.

Fuji Yama Japan

The Armenians Ararat, the biblical mountain Sinai Jews, Tibetans and Buddhists from all over the world leans towards Mount Kailasa, the Arabs have their mythical Mount Qaf, the Geto-Dacians had Kogaionon our site, the ancient Greeks ha...read more.

Giant’s Causeway – Stone Bridge of giants Celtic

If you ask which is the most popular tourist attraction Northern Ireland, and that is the most important symbol for all Irish ... Well, not famous Irish whiskey, even harp Celtic bards, the famous green leaf clover or plethora of fairi...read more.

Extreme experiences around the World

Are you fond of experiences and emotions? Drag breath and find 10 extreme experiences, guaranteed, will raise adrenaline. 10. At the edge of space in Russia Undoubtedly, the experience of "supreme" for "junkies" of adrenaline ima...read more.

Durmitor – Montenegro’s heaven

In the beginning it was just the mountain. Then the mountain past reputation and the national park that surrounds him. Today, the entire land of Durmitor is considered by all Montenegrins, neither more nor less than "national treas...read more.

Costa Concordia is a New Tourist Attraction

Costa Concordia ship wreck became morbid tourist attraction for those who come to photograph the boat sank. More than 1,000 tourists arrived in Isola of Giglio, to photograph the ship failed, ten times more than normal average for t...read more.

Dubai Fountain

Dubai engineers have completed work on a well worthy of the Guinness World Records, the latter having running water taller than a building of 50 floors. Located in the Burj Dubai Lake, near the tallest buildings in the world today, ...read more.

Cancun – the pearl of the Yucatan

In 1970, the Mexican government began a project transforming a small fishing village in the Yucatan jungle in one of the world's great luxury resort which now attracts four million tourists charms per year. As a holiday destination...read more.

Beautiful Forest on Japanese Yakushima Island

The Common Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO protected was included in 1993 a forest area of ??10,747 ha, located on Yakushima island belonging to Japan. It is one of the few ancient forests, the ecosystem still untouched by civilization ...read more.

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