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Trans-Tibetan Train

For a long time, if China stopped surprising us. Seems to be no test or that sins committed and ambitious millennial Chinese people not to go to completion. Beyond the Chinese jokes or the latest estimates of grandeur and almost u...read more.

Top 10 most dangerous mountains in the world

Mountains should not be treated in play. Despite their beauty, mountains hide deadly dangers even for the best climbers. Even our Carpathians, not giddy heights can be dangerous and deadly traps for those who scorn the mysteries of Iro...read more.

To Sua Ocean Trench

To Sua Ocean Trench is one of the ideallic sites that is located in Lotofaga village. Few sites are situated in the same area, including blowholes, and an incredible small beach on the western side. To Sua is otherwise translated as 'b...read more.

The wild Tatra

Characterized very briefly Tatras reach the greatest heights of all Carpathians and extending the territory of two Central European countries: Slovakia and Poland. If we turn our attention to themselves but discover a charming mountain...read more.

The Matterhorn

  Switzerland has been and will remain an impressive European country. Whether we talk about watches, chocolate, banking or natural landscapes, Switzerland awakens everyone a thrill. Cantons country has been endowed by Moth...read more.

Safest ski slopes in the World for beginners

Absolute beginners, neophytes excited, caring parents, children restless and prone to accidents, or simply you who put your skis for the first time in his feet, shaken by stories goaza with broken bones, knees messed, bad sprains or de...read more.

Olympus Mount – The home of Zeus

When it comes to Greece, most of us could not imagine anything other than beautiful beaches, resorts and chic landscapes with tiny white buildings. For those who want nothing but pleasure banalized of coastal destinations, ancient Hel...read more.

Must see attractions in Brussels

Considered (although officially undeclared) as the capital of the European Union (EU Council headquarters here and the European Commission, and many other buildings of various European bodies) Brussels is also an attractive tourist tow...read more.

Must see attractions in Athens

We imagine dominated by the majestic remains of ancient temples - in fact, rather Athens is dominated by modern buildings, including plenty of square concrete blocks. That, however, is the more valuable discoveries - hidden architectur...read more.

Madeira – Island of eternal spring

Madeira Archipelago is known more for fortified wine produced in this region than tourist attractions it offers. However, these islands belonging to Portugal every year attracts over a million tourists from around the world. For the be...read more.

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