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Travel to Hydra Island, Greece

Hydra - Greekunder her name Ydra - is the most beautiful island in the Saronic Gulf. Located in a very short distance from Piraeus (the port for Athens), this exclusive oasis is one of favorite Athenians escapades Bohemia.Hydra is one ...read more.

The most beautiful Greek Islands

 With over 2,000 islands scattered in the two main northern Mediterranean Sea Aegean  and Ionian Sea, Greece is practically all destinations exotic destination. Challenged, praised, or severely criticized overvalued, the country remai...read more.

Travel to Asyut, Egypt

Asyut is the largest city in Upper Egypt and lies about 234 miles south of Cairo. Asyut is an old city that was built during the pharaohs, then became the capital of the 13 Egyptian Nome Superior and called Syut. Later Greeks renamed h...read more.

Travel to Alexandria, Egypt

Alexandria is the second largest city in Egypt. Alexandria was a town located at the end of the Greco-Roman western Mediterranean coast of Egypt founded by Alexander the Great. In antiquity, the city was known for the Lighthouse of Ale...read more.

Travel to Siwa, Egypt

The Siwa oasis and is located between Qattara Depression and the Egyptian Desert Sand Sea of Libya. Siwa is a small village in the desert-oasis located 350 miles west of Cairo, Siwa is the place where the ancient temple of Ammon's (Amu...read more.

Travel to Minya, Egypt

The city Minya is the capital district of Al Minya. City name is a derivative of the Egyptian word "Men'atKhufu," but the name could also come from the city name in Coptic Sahid (Tmoone) and Bohairi (Thmone). The last name could also ...read more.

Travel to Quebec, Canada

Spread over Diamond Head and on the banks of Lake St. Lawrence, Quebec City is the most beautiful city located and most full of history in Canada. Vieux-Quebec, its fortifications surrounded by solid, the only walled city in North Amer...read more.

Travel to Niagara Falls, Canada

Niagara Falls on the Niagara River is one of the most famous spectacles in North America. Niagara is on the international line between the cities of Niagara Falls - New York and Niagara Falls - Ontario. Falls was formed 10,000 years ag...read more.

Travel to Manitoba and Saskatchewan, Canada

Provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, a vast stretch of border with Ontario limited to the east and the Rocky Mountains and Alberta to the west, make up a region called "prairies". In fact, smooth plains without trees are limited in...read more.

Travel to Lake Louise, Canada

Lake Louise refers both to the lake itself and the nearby village, located in the Canadian province of Alberta in Banff National Park. Unique emerald color of the lake comes from alluvial deposits brought rocky lake by water melted fro...read more.

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