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Australia travel guideAll About Travelling
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Australia travel guide

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Australia is a country of contrasts – topographical, cultural, physical, meteorological and visual. First settled here about 40,000 years ago, they were Aborigines. They lived as hunters and gatherers during this time, living in a strong connection with nature, though field burning and other techniques of primitive architecture during this time caused a significant deforestation, soil salinization and eliminate most of the natural diversity territory. Such clumsiness of the interaction with nature, despite its importance, helps us understand why Australia is now unsuitable for sustaining life.

In an interesting way, this is one of the few examples in which the native population of the earth destroyed more than subsequent waves of settlers. Their way of life has developed a complex culture based on oral traditions and complex social connections was almost destroyed by the second wave of settlers, who were able to populate the earth with more succces.

Australia is a country full, it is also technically in a continent with great differences between regions. Earth has a reputation of relaxation, sun, sea and lifestyle “Crocodile Dundee” enviable outdoor environment, but that’s just a concept ignorance regarding the continent. The reality, however, is that most people work all day and spend the weekend’s running back and forth, trying to ingramadeasca life in the two days of the week-end. Only the homeless and tourists have time to spend time on the beach, or to idle for days watching sports on TV.

One of the counties Tasmania is an island county in which a fifth is World Heritage area. Each county (district) has its own distinct national parks with a topic where you can walk among the shrubs and bushes and you can even climb on the rocks. If you are interested in the aquatic wonders of the world you can not miss the Great Barrier Reef on the east coast, the main reason travelers visit Cairns. Wet tropics of Queensland brings together frequent rain forests and waterfalls foamy. Rare species of animals can be seen in the famous Kakadu National Park Aboriginal art as ancient. These old drawings can be seen in the Namadgi National Park.

Good places to start exploring the great outdoors are held in major cities such as Canberra, Darwin, Adelaide and Perth, all with interesting sights and also a good cultural atmosphere. Of course, Australia is surrounded by sea, so surf beaches and best swimming places are more a rule than an exception, and generally only those places are full of tourists, especially during the week. It can be fun to see people who have not heard of sunscreen but still turns to throw the lobster or surf. North of Brisbane is Sunshine Coast (Sunshine), one of the great stretches of coast where you can find excellent beaches, south of Brisbane and is best known Gold Coast (Gold), famous for the fact that it hosts the Australian equivalent of trailer park people and teenagers who can not afford a holiday in a better place. Do not forget small but interesting historical sites, or William Allice Springs Creek (the most isolated city in Australia) that will lead directly to the famous Ayers Rock.

Deserts, rain forests, big cities … and just when you think you get to get the idea about the changing nature of this fascinating continent, you realize you forgot to Melbourne and excellent opportunities for skiing in the Alpine National Park. Another good option is the Snowy Mountains (snowy mountains) in NSW.

If you travel in Australia by car, we suggest you visit Australia Rhino.

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  1. Khadijah Sagastegui says:

    I stayed in Halls Gap in Victoria, Australia recently. It was a three bedroom townhouse and was fully equipped with everything we needed. Australia is different to some other countries in that the hosts expect you to be proactive. The Grampians National Park in Victoria is immense in terms of natural beauty. Heaps of different places to sleep. Backpackers, campgrounds, motels, houses and resorts. Anytime of year is good to go. Cool in winter and hot in summer. Love your blog.

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