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Aerial pictures of Paris, FranceAll About Travelling
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Aerial pictures of Paris, France

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Aerial pictures of Paris, France

It is impossible not to fall in love with Paris. City people are stylish and flirtatious seductive architecture, restaurants and nightlife are dedicated to pleasure and its streets are scattered dreams.

We can not say that there is a time best to visit Paris every season the city is always full of life. Summer Days can be spent lazing on the banks of the Seine, sipping a drink at the café or going into one of the many gardens or forests of the city. Winter nights can go to the outdoor rinks and artists fill the spring air outside the Pompidou Centre. This article has a good thing of Things to do in Paris during all seasons

In this town beauty and elegance are favored more than practical purpose. Centuries of urban development have the same look as if they have been mastered by a single hand with a strong sense of balance, contrast and aesthetics. Views of the Eiffel Tower or Sacré Coeur reveal hundreds instantly iconic attractions for visitors, but the best way to see this city is put the map back in your pocket and wander the streets and avenues you discover the city for you.
As long as you spend in Paris you’ll realize it’s worth or not to return.

Paris Seine River

Crosses from east to west and divide it into two: Left Bank (Rive Gauche) – in the South, and the Right Bank (Rive Droit) – in the North. On the river are two islands nearby, placed right in the geographical center of the city: Ile de la Cité and Ile St-Louis.

Paris is divided into 20 districts, or arrondissements as the French say, arranged in spiral from outside to inside. Each bears a number, for example, the third in French translates to troisième and is abbreviated by 3ème, it happens to everyone, except the first is the premier short 1er.

Although districts are separated administratively practical and are also numbered, the French do not really take account of them and retain them rather areas. For example, the Marais area includes districts 3 and 4. If you ask to be directed to an area, do not forget to ask the district.

The main areas of Paris are:

  • Ile de la Cité and Ile St-Louis
  • Châtelet-Les Halles
  • The Marais
  • Latin Quarter and St-Germain
  • Invalides
  • Champs-Élysée
  • Opera
  • Canal St-Martin and the surroundings
  • Bastille
  • Butte-aux-Cailles and Chinatown
  • Montparnasse
  • Passy and Auteuil
  • Batignolles
  • Montmartre
  • Buttes Chaumont
  • Belleville and the Père Lachaise
  • Banlieues

Paris is known as “City Lights” and fully deserves its name. Paris is much more than that, is one of the best tourist destinations, offering tourists everything they could wish for.

A stay in Paris should at least include a visit to the Louvre, one of the most impressive and most famous museums in the world, must climb the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame top.

Should climb the stairs to Sacre Coeur in Montmartre, stroll through the square in front of the basilica Tertre, visit the Pigalle district, walk to the Latin Quarter (Saint Germain, Boulevard Saint Michel) and feel the atmosphere of the street in front of the singers Centre Pompidou.

Near Fointainbleu visit Paris, Versailles with magnificent palace of Louis XIV, Vaux-le-Vicomte and the inspiration for Versailles. All this is excellent for a day trip.

Another attraction that you should not miss when visiting the city of Paris Picasso Museum, where you can see art masterpieces of the great artist. You will simply love the art after you see the greatest works of Picasso.

Paris is full of surprises, just enjoy the coffee and Croisic, take a walk and discover them!

Paris, or “City Lights”, is located in central-northern part of France, the Seine downstream of its confluence with the Marne. It became the capital of the French kingdom of Clovis in 508, the main economic, cultural and political medieval and modern France. Paris is one of the most important and attractive cities in the world, being appreciated for the many opportunities it offers for business, trade, research, culture and entertainment.
Heights vary due to the hills of Paris: Montmartre 130 meters above sea level, 115 meters Velleville, Passy and others.
Paris can be visited at any time of year, spring temperatures are pleasant, but no summer temperatures are not excessively hot, but winter is a little cold.
Important objectives of Paris:

Arc de Triomphe monument important in the history of the bet, the desire of King Napoleon after the victory of courage Austetlitz French army as a souvenir.
Eiffel Tower, architect Gustave Eiffel tower called the symbol of France’s most famous worldwide. It has a height of 300m sicantareste over 10,000 tons. It has 3 levels, elevator access is possible both with and stairs.
Notre Dame Cathedral, the symbol of France, constructive and finally started in 1163 in Gothic style in 1345, is the coronation of King Napoleon.
Sainte Chapelle-designed building adapotirii of relics, of which the crown of thorns worn by Christ.
The Louvre was a royal palace, located in central Paris. Holds the most famous paintings: Mona Lisa (Monalisa) painted by Leonardo de Vinci.
Picasso Museum is located in his hotel and was built between 1656 – 1659 by Pierre Aubert, who got rich collecting salt tax (hotel name meaning “Sarat Hotel”). The museum features a large number of paintings that Picasso painted them after 70 years anniversary. Some rooms presents thematic paintings, but in general the museum follows a chronological focus of the events, starting and ending with old age youth.
Cluny Museum where you can see the rich collection of medieval crafts and a collection of beautiful handmade rugs.
Pantheon in Paris France Latindin District a building being built as a church dedicated to Holy Genevieve, now combines the role of the church with famous resting place
Conciergerie is a very old prison where many members of the regime monarchs stood before their death to the French Revolution.
Palais Garnier was built at the orders of Napoleon III, the project being conducted by Baron Haussman
Samaritaine building
Statue of Liberty is a smaller version of the statue in the harbor of New York that gave France a United layers in 1886.
Eglise de la Madeleine
Place des Vosges in the Marais district is a market, created during the reign of Henry IV.
Disneyland Resort Paris, amusement park east part of town ADE.

– Other tourist areas are suburbs and streets:
– Champs-Elysees is the most famous avenue in the world of fashion thanks to shops, cinemas and cafes luxury, built by Marie de Medici
– Museum d’Orsay
– Montmartre – the Paris guide has a great introduction to Montmartre
– The historic Montparnasse is located on a hill where there is su Basilique Sacre Coeur, is famous for its cafes and shops of many important artists.
– Place de la Bastille

Nightlife is also great, including Le Lido, a cabaret on the Champs Elysees, which is famous for its exotic shows, where Elvis Presley gave a concert ad hoc and Bal du Mourlin Rouge, Le Crazy Horse Saloon Les Folies Bergere and, other famous nightclubs of Paris.


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